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Can A Telematics Insurance Policy Save You Money

Date Published 31.05.2019
Topic Car Insurance

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Telematics insurance is becoming more and more popular in the Irish insurance market. In a recent survey over 77% of AIG customers agreed that telematics solutions make the roads safer and 80% of Irish drivers would be willing to install telematics if linked with a discount.

Installing telematics in your car is a great way to get your first insurance policy if you’re a young and inexperienced driver. And, if you are a safe and experienced driver, get the discounts you deserve. At AIG we have telematics policies to suit all drivers. We believe that safe drivers should be rewarded - that’s why you can earn up to 20% discount with our telematics insurance.

What is Telematics Insurance?

Telematics Insurance involves installing a small box - often known as a black box - into your car. This box uses telematics technology to record various aspects of your driving including speed, distance and time of travelling. The data collected is then used to calculate a personal driving score that can contribute to a cheaper insurance policy in the form of renewal discounts.

What are the benefits of Telematics Insurance?

This varies depending on your policy, but the main benefits of our three telematics policies include:

  • Upfront discounts
  • Further discounts at renewal
  • Extra mileage awards
  • Promotion of safer driving
  • GPS tracker if car is stolen

What information does the Telematics Device collect? 

The technology in the telematics box / app records a range of data about your driving:

  • Total speed
  • Smoothness of accelerations and decelerations
  • Sharpness of turns
  • Time of day while driving
  • Length of journeys
  • How often you drive
  • Total Mileage
  • Smartphone use while driving
Roundabout - What information does the Telematics?

Who is Telematics Insurance for?

Traditionally, this type of insurance was aimed at young drivers without a no claims bonus. But why should only young drivers be rewarded for safe driving? We have three telematics policies on offer:


Who’s it for? Young drivers under the age of 27
Type of policy Limited mileage policy
Telematics Technology Telematics box installed for free
Benefits Extra mileage awarded for safe driving

AIG BoxClever is for young drivers under the age of 27. For this policy, you set a number of kilometres on the policy and a black box is installed to the car for free. The box then monitors your driving style. Safe drivers will be awarded extra kilometres on the policy - keeping you in the driver’s seat for longer.


Who’s it for? Drivers over the age of 27
Type of policy Comprehensive telematics policy
Telematics Technology Mobile Phone App
Benefits 5% Upfront discount, up to 20% discount at renewal 

The AIG XLNTDRIVER policy works by monitoring your driving behaviour through a telematics app on your smartphone. The app contains automatic start / stop technology and will record your information automatically. Your driving style will contribute to your score on the app and drivers with a good score over a prolonged period of time will earn further discounts to the 5% upfront policy discount. You can earn up to 20% discount at renewal.

Telematics - Mobile App


Who’s it for? Full licence holders with minimum of one year no claims bonus
Type of policy Challenge app used with your AIG policy
Telematics Technology Mobile Phone App
Benefits Up to 20% discount

AIG SMARTLANE is a free telematics app that any eligible AIG driver can use. The app will give real-time feedback on your driving and give you a good driver score out of 100 - the higher you score the safer you drive. You must complete over 10,000 kilometres in 60 days for the challenge. High scores are awarded with discounts of up to 20% on an AIG deluxe policy.

Are you ready to save money on your car insurance policy? Get an online quote in minutes with AIG.

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