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Reporting a Motor Claim:

Call our team today to get dedicated help. You'll need:


• Your Policy Number

• Your Car Registration

• Details of your claim

• Third Party Information

What To Do: In A Car Accident

From what details to take, who to take them from and best advice to ensure you've captured everything, our guide takes you through the steps required when you’ve been involved in a car accident.

What To Do: Home Insurance Claim

From what details to take, who to take them from and best advice to ensure you've captured everything, our guide takes you through the steps required when you’ve been involved in a car accident.

What To Do: AIG's Emergency Numbers

From what details to take, who to take them from and best advice to ensure you've captured everything, our guide takes you through the steps required when you’ve been involved in a car accident.

How To Make A Claim With Our Claim Forms


The long established goal of Claims is to provide a quality claims service, professionally delivered in a cost efficient manner.

If you’d like to make a car insurance claim, the AIG Motor Claims Service is available immediately to take your call.  Our offices are open every weekday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. but claims may be notified 24 hours a day on 01 8599700.

What happens after I call?

After you’ve notified us of a claim, we will issue a Claim Form for completion & signing.  You can also download the relevant claim form on the right.

When should I register a claim?

It’s very important that claims are registered quickly. You must register any claim as soon as reasonably possible (and certainly no later than 7 days). If you do not, we may not be able to pay your claim. If you need to make a claim, please either mail a brief description of your claim or phone us.

AIG Claims Service  
30 North Wall Quay
International Financial Services Centre
Dublin 1

To help us prevent fraudulent claims, we store the insured persons personal details on computer and we may transfer them to a third party.

Call: (01) 8599700

To make an insurance claim under your home or household insurance policy, please contact us on: 01 2611599 or mail us at:

Our experienced staff will talk you through our home insurance claims process.

Home Emergency Assist  

In the event of an emergency, you may wish to contact our complimentary home insurance Emergency Home Assist Helpline. This 24 hour helpline can provide you with a connection to an approved network of repairers (plumbers, electricians, glaziers, locksmiths, roofers etc.) to help alleviate the effects of a loss as quickly as possible.

Emergency Home Assist Helpline 0818 112 224

ARAG Legal Expenses Claims  

For claims under your Legal Expenses Insurance, please see the table below:

Service Claim Line 24 Hrs
Legal Advice Service 0818 670 747 Yes
Health & Medical 0818 254 164 Yes
Counselling Service 1800 670 407 Yes

For further information, please consult the relevant home insurance on-line policy document for details.

Home Claims Line:

Call: (01) 261 1599


Emergency Home Assist Helpline 

Call: 0818 112 224

In order to make a Travel Insurance Claim, please click on the 'Make a Claim' button to the right.

Call: (01) 661 9133

To make an insurance claim under your car hire excess policy please contact:

AIG Europe S.A.
30 North Wall
International Financial Services Centre
Dublin 2

Please notify AIG of any changes (within 31 days of any charge made to your credit card by the car rental company for damage involving the rental car) by clicking on the email link or by calling us on (01) 2081400

Call: (01) 2081400


The aim of the Cancer Cover Plan is to get financial help to you as soon as possible following diagnosis of a cancer covered by the Plan.  

To claim, you simply need to contact Cancer Cover Claims as soon as reasonably practical after diagnosis which is likely to lead to a claim. You can call 1800 646 747 or write to:

Cancer Cover Claims,  
AIG Europe S.A.,  
30 North Wall,
International Financial Services Centre,
Dublin 2   

We will send you a claim form and ask you to provide some information and evidence that supports the diagnosis of cancer, including a histopathological report on your cells and tissues.  

You can also download the claim form using the button to the right.
If we need you to have a medical examination we will pay the cost of it . Should the worst happen, we may also ask for a post-mortem examination.

In the event of an accident that may give rise to a claim on the policy you should notify AIG as soon as reasonably practicable after the accident of a claim, by completing a claim form and returning it to us.

You can call us on 01-2081400 to request a claim form or, email us at

Call: (01) 2081400


In the event of an accident that may give rise to a claim on the policy the Parent/Guardian should notify AIG as soon as possible but in all cases no later than 30 days after the incident.  

The Parent/Guardian should download a Pupil Protector Claim Form or it can be sent out to the school or parent on request.  

The claim form and relevant medical, dental and other receipts should then be sent to AIG at the address shown below for assessment and payment.  

Pupil Protector Personal Accident Claims
AIG Europe S.A.
30 North Wall
International Financial Services Centre
Dublin 2

Please download and read the Guide for Personal Injury Claimants on the 'Read The Guide' button to the right.

We aim to provide you with the best possible service in respect of your claim.

Our job is to help you finalise your claim as quickly as possible, regardless of whether you are a AIG customer or a Third Party availing of our services. We would greatly appreciate your assistance by sending us any information or documentation we may require to bring the matter to an early conclusion. If we need further information or clarification to process your claim, we will let you know at the earliest opportunity.

AIG Europe SA is committed to protecting the privacy of customers, claimants and other business contacts.

“Personal Information” identifies and relates to you or other individuals (e.g. your partner or other members of your family). If you provide Personal Information about another individual, you must (unless we agree otherwise) inform the individual about the content of this notice and our Privacy Policy and obtain their permission (where possible) for sharing of their Personal Information with us.

The types of Personal Information we may collect and why – Depending on our relationship with you, Personal Information collected may include: contact information, financial information and account details, credit reference and scoring information, sensitive information about health or medical conditions (collected with your consent where required by applicable law) as well as other Personal Information provided by you or that we obtain in connection with our relationship with you. Personal Information may be used for the following purposes:

  • Insurance administration, e.g. communications, claims processing and payment
  • Make assessments and decisions about the provision and terms of insurance and settlement of claims
  • Assistance and advice on medical and travel matters
  • Management of our business operations and IT infrastructure
  • Prevention, detection and investigation of crime, e.g. fraud and money laundering
  • Establishment and defence of legal rights
  • Legal and regulatory compliance (including compliance with laws and regulations outside your country of residence)
  • Monitoring and recording of telephone calls for quality, training and security purposes
  • Market research and analysis

Sharing of Personal Information - For the above purposes Personal Information may be shared with our group companies and third parties (such as brokers and other insurance distribution parties, insurers and reinsurers, credit reference agencies, healthcare professionals and other service providers). Personal Information will be shared with other third parties (including government authorities) if required by laws or regulations. Personal Information (including details of injuries) may be recorded on claims registers shared with other insurers. We are required to register all third party claims for compensation relating to bodily injury to workers’ compensation boards. We may search these registers to prevent, detect and investigate fraud or to validate your claims history or that of any other person or property likely to be involved in the policy or claim. Personal Information may be shared with prospective purchasers and purchasers, and transferred upon a sale of our company or transfer of business assets.

International transfer - Due to the global nature of our business, Personal Information may be transferred to parties located in other countries (including the United States, China, Mexico Malaysia, Philippines, Bermuda and other countries which may have a data protection regime which is different to that in your country of residence). When making these transfers, we will take steps to ensure that your Personal Information is adequately protected and transferred in accordance with the requirements of data protection law.  Further information about international transfers is set out in our Privacy Policy (see below).

Security of Personal Information – Appropriate technical and physical security measures are used to keep your Personal Information safe and secure.  When we provide Personal Information to a third party (including our service providers) or engage a third party to collect Personal Information on our behalf, the third party will be selected carefully and required to use appropriate security measures.

Your rights – You have a number of rights under data protection law in connection with our use of Personal Information.   These rights may only apply in certain circumstances and are subject to certain exemptions. These rights may include a right to access Personal Information, a right to correct inaccurate data, a right to erase data or suspend our use of data.  These rights may also include a right to transfer your data to another organisation, a right to object to our use of your Personal Information, a right to request that certain automated decisions we make have human involvement, a right to withdraw consent and a right to complain to the data protection regulator.   Further information about your rights and how you may exercise them is set out in full in our Privacy Policy (see below).

Privacy Policy - More details about your rights and how we collect, use and disclose your Personal Information can be found in our full Privacy Policy at: or you may request a copy by writing to: Data Protection Officer, AIG Europe SA, 30 North Wall Quay, International Financial Service Centre, Dublin 1 or by email at:

In a situation where we need to engage the services of a loss adjuster or expert appraiser to assist in the settlement of the claim, contact information will be given to you. We believe that all advisers appointed by AIG act in a professional, efficient and impartial way. You can, if you wish retain your own qualified appraiser to advise you separately at your own cost.

If your claim involves third party damage and/or injury, we would welcome an opportunity to discuss the matter directly with you or your representative, as it may be possible to resolve the matter quickly. We believe it is in everyone’s interest to settle claims as soon as possible if no issue arises in relation to liability.

If your claim qualifies for consideration by the Injuries Board, you or your representatives have the option to continue dealing with us directly or to engage with the Injuries Board. Details of how the Board works can be found at You can also contact the Board at (LoCall) 0818 829 121 or write to them at P.O Box 8, Clonakilty, Co. Cork. Please visit the Guide for Personal Injury Claimants if you wish to make a claim for personal injuries. Alternatively, you can contact your Claims Adviser who will explain the process, and send you a copy of the Guidelines if requested or you can telephone +353 1 2081400 and ask to speak to a member of the Complex Claims Handling Team.

If you are a customer we will keep you advised of all relevant developments during the life of the claim, but if for any reason you require an immediate update, please contact your broker, agent or nominated Claims Adviser. It is important to remember that if you are a customer of AIG, any claim paid under the policy may affect future insurance contracts of this type. For further information in this regard, please contact your broker or agent.

If our service has not met your expectations we ask that you bring the matter to the attention of your AIG Adviser in the first instance. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Claims Manager at +353 1 2081400, or alternatively the Complaints Officer at +353 1 2084908 or via email at We will investigate the matter promptly and explain the options available to you if you are not satisfied with our response.

Reinstating your No Claims Bonus (‘NCB’) – please note in certain circumstances it may be possible to reinstate your NCB following the settlement of a claim on your policy. As any reinstatement is based on your policy terms and conditions and the specific facts of your claim, please contact us to discuss what options may be open to you. (You should contact your broker if you have not purchased your insurance directly from AIG).

Exceptional Claims Service

One Dedicated Agent, Always...

From the moment you make your first call to our claims team you will be assigned one unique and personal agent to help you with any issues you have, from start to finish, giving an in-depth and personal understanding of your claim.

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Our Strengths

21st Century Claims Service

We put great emphasis on our expert post-loss services because we know from experience the dramatic benefits they can deliver to policyholders after a loss. We are constantly looking for new ways of expanding our expert services - reflecting the wider modern day service requirements of our clients. Our in-house legal and insurance expertise, delivering cost savings to clients underlines this commitment.

Expertise and Experience

We are very proud of the technical expertise and continuity within our claims teams. The breath and specialism of our product range and our range of clients provides an exciting and challenging environment for our long-serving claims staff. The variety of cases they handle and their high authority levels is why we are able to boast so many seasoned professionals in our claims teams. Our people's technical knowledge, decision-making ability and detailed familiarity with the claims they are handling, demonstrated year after year, has earned the respect of the brokers and clients they work so closely with.

Rock Solid Financial Security

AIG has the financial strength, claims-paying ability and level of security unmatched by any other insurance organisation. Our ratings from the world’s principal ratings agencies indicate the highest level of ability to meet financial commitments to policy holders. These days this is welcome reassurance for policyholders and their brokers. It is also an important differentiator for us in today's marketplace. Growing pressure on insurers' reserves suggests that insurance buyers should be more sensitive to the strength and claims paying ability of their risk carriers.