AIG provides a wide range of Insurance Products. See below for our range of Mergers & Acquisitions products.

  Cover Markets

Environmental Solutions

A range of environmental impairment liability solutions available on a site-specific or portfolio basis Companies considering a M&A transaction


Buyout Designed to remove uncertainty and strengthen the vendor’s balance sheet by capping or removing liabilities or to remove a barrier to a transaction for the purchaser. Suitable for large one-off items (such as sitespecific environmental exposure) or high frequency, high volume, multi-year liabilities (such as employers liability) Companies considering a M&A transaction

Litigation Buyout or Litigation Cap

Retrospective insurance for specific litigation (e.g. Medical Malpractice suits, class actions, IP disputes). Designed to ring fence ultimate costs and remove uncertainty from M&A Companies considering a M&A transaction

Portfolio Programmes

Full range of prospective insurance for companies after the completion of a M&A transaction Companies exiting a M&A transaction

Tax Liability Insurance

Protection against the failure of a M&A transaction to qualify for its intended tax treatment Companies considering a M&A transaction

Warranty and Indemnity Insurance

Product insuring the liabilities created by the provision of warranties in the Sales and Purchase agreement. Can protect either the vendor or the purchaser Companies considering a M&A transaction