Buying New Car vs Used Car: What to Consider?

Buying a car is a significant investment, and with so many options out there, making the right choice can be a daunting task. In Ireland, one of the main decisions car buyers face is whether to opt for a brand new car or used car. Both options have their pros and cons that can greatly impact your driving experience and budget. If you’re currently struggling with this decision, read on and we'll provide valuable insights to help determine which option best suits your needs before making the big purchase.

Advantages of Buying a New Car

Warranty and Better Reliability

New cars come with a manufacturer's warranty that lasts several years, ensuring peace of mind. Additionally, fresh off the assembly line, new cars haven't experienced any wear and tear, leading to improved reliability compared to used vehicles.

Latest Technology and Safety Features

New models often come with the most recent technology in terms of safety features, navigation systems and connectivity. These advancements not only enhance convenience and comfort but also contribute to the overall safety of the vehicle.

Personalisation Options

When buying a new car from a dealership, you can choose your preferred colour, interior materials and optional extras. This level of personalisation is not something that is available when buying second hand cars, where you'll likely have to settle for what's on offer. Also when dealing with car dealers you have the option of a test drive to see if the car feels like the right car for you and if not there’s a wide range to test and choose from.

Fuel Efficiency

How much of an impact is your older car having? Fuel efficiency and emission standards are always changing, so the newer your car the more fuel efficient it is likely to be, saving you money at the pump and reducing its impact on the environment. Also, it might be worth considering an electric car with the many benefits they bring. According to the Irish Times the market for second-hand electric cars in Ireland barely exists right now, so if you’re looking for electric you may have to consider going for a new car.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

As new cars are in pristine condition, the maintenance costs during the first few years are typically lower than those of a used car, which may need more frequent servicing or part replacements.

The older a car gets, the more it suffers from wear and tear. If you haven’t replaced oil filters, battery, spark plugs, fan belt or clutch, chances are you will have to soon. The parts even in the best maintained cars only have a certain lifespan so instead of spending money in the garage consider spending it on a newer used car.

Advantages of Buying a Used Car

Lower Purchase Price

One of the most significant benefits of buying a used car lies in the cost savings. Used cars are generally more affordable than their new counterparts, which can make them an attractive option, particularly for first-time car buyers.

Slower Depreciation

New cars depreciate rapidly within the first few years, losing a considerable percentage of their value. In contrast, used cars have already undergone a significant portion of depreciation, so their value decreases at a much slower rate.

Access to Reviews and History Reports

For popular used vehicles, you can find a wealth of information in the form of online reviews, reliability ratings, and maintenance records. This information can help to determine a used car's reliability and make an informed decision.

Conclusion: Should I Buy a New or Old Car?

The choice between buying a new or used car ultimately depends on your budget, preferences, individual needs and everything else listed above.

If you’d like to reflect on the advantages and factors associated with each option before making an informed decision, we’ve broken down the Pros and Cons of both in a handy table below.

Used Car

Pros Cons

Cheaper Initial Investment

Hidden Maintenance Costs

New Warranty Options

Environmental Effects

Lower Depreciation

Fewer Modern Features


Lower Fuel Efficiency


Uncertainty of its History

New Car

Pros Cons

Reliability and Warranty

Higher Purchase Price

Latest Technologies

Faster Depreciation


Registration Fees


Possible First Model-Year Issues

More Environmentally Friendly


By considering all these factors and asking yourself these questions, you can make a well-informed decision on whether to buy a new or used. Whichever option you choose we’ll be happy to offer you great options for cover. Discover the benefits of AIG Car Insurance and why not get a quote now and see how much you could save?

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