How to Save Fuel the Easy Way

As petrol prices begin to creep back up after a slight dip earlier in the year we are looking at ways you can save on your motoring bill.

The great news is, there are simple things you can do to ensure your car is using less fuel while still travelling the same distance. Follow these guidelines and you should be filling up less often:

1. Car Maintenance

We know this costs money in the short term but it will save money on breakdowns and fuel in the long run. Between services know how to check your tires and look after your brake pads which both impact on fuel efficiency and your safety.

2. Avoid Acceleration

Building up speed and slowing down are two areas where our cars use the most fuel when we drive. To keep consumption to a minimum, avoid pulling away like you are on the start line at Mondello! Slow down gently too, working down gears in good time. Finally, avoid coasting in neutral at all costs; you have very little control over the car if something unexpected happens.

3. Consistent Speed

Key to saving on fuel on long stretches of road is maintaining speed. Obviously this is traffic dependent, but while driving on motorway you will use less fuel if you drive at a consistent speed. Also slowing down helps, the UK department of transport found reducing speed from 110kmph to 90kmph reduced petrol consumption by 9%.

4. Avoid Load

Are you, like me, using your car boot to store the stuff that won’t quite fit in the shed? You know it might be costing us more than we think? The heavier our car is, the more fuel it consumes so finding a more permanent home for the stuff in your boot could help your car run longer.

5. Avoid Drag

Roof racks, they are brilliant when you need them to bring the car on a camping holiday to France but if you aren’t going to be using it until next summer, it is worth taking it off. The drag it causes means your car has to burn more fuel.

6. Air Conditioning

Air Con increases fuel consumption so, if you are travelling under 40kmph it is usually more efficient to open a window for fresh air. If you are driving above that speed the drag an open window causes makes it less efficient, so save fuel by using the AC.

7. Download an App

Finally, when you do have to fill up, make sure you save on fuel by checking out websites like or downloading an app so you can check rates when you are on the road (but not while driving!).

Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips you would add to save fuel? If your insurance is up for renewal soon, get a car quote from us, we might help you save some money too!


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