Affordable Home Design Trends

Dreaming of owning your own home? Love home design but wondering how you could ever afford some of the amazing trends you are seeing this summer? Fear not, there are inexpensive ways you can incorporate home design that doesn’t involve pulling up floors or replacing the kitchen, as covered in our do’s and don’ts of home DIY. If the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have taught us anything, it's that it’s so important to love where you live. And there’s no time like the present to embrace new home décor trends in all their bold, embellished and colourful glory. What we’re looking for is colour, patterns, home décor accessories and some unexpected elements that make you smile.

Simple items and furniture

Be as fashionable as you like! The best thing about trends is that they come and go. Feel safe in the knowledge that neutral fixtures and fittings can easily be changed whenever you get tired of them. It’s like a mini cosmetic home renovation without the hassle of planning more permanent home improvements. Read on for some of our favourite home design trends this year as well as some cool home design ideas:

1. Interior Colour Trends

Colour can be the most noticeable element of most home designs. Don’t over think or get too hung up on the colours you choose as paint shades go in and out of trend pretty quickly. Pick colours to suit the space first and foremost, but ultimately don’t get too bogged down by it. Hard to know what the so called “colour of the year” is this year as it’s either chocolate brown or lilac whether you listen to Vogue or Homes and Gardens.

2. Maximalist Decor

There has been an introduction of more patterns in recent home décor trends that homeowners have been really embracing. There’s no need to go overboard with overmixing large, bold prints or overusing prints on all the fabrics, walls and rugs. Instead, mixing patterned wallpaper with a stone, wood or brick floor that has a shape and form, like herringbone or chevron, is a great way to play with pattern without looking chaotic. There will also be a push towards 3D art in 2022. People are looking to add whimsy, intrigue and life to flat walls as we continue to spend more time in our homes.

Candles can improve any location

3. Smart Home Technology

Smart appliances are now an integral part of the home, commonly used appliances include smart thermostats, robot vacuums, motion sensor faucets and home security technology. With rising energy costs, efficiency has become one of the major driving forces behind the use of smart home technology. The possibilities are seemingly endless, we’ve already taken a look at the top new smart home technology trends to keep an eye on.

4. Indoor Plants

As our connection with nature and the outside world intensified over the last year or so, it’s no wonder we want to bring more of the outside in, and house plants will continue to dominate our decorating schemes this year. This trend is known as biophilic design and its principles are based on an emphasis of creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants and creating a visual connection with nature.

Make this trend affordable by growing indoor plants from seed and for just a few euros you could have your own indoor jungle. Are you more likely to kill than care for a plant? Try succulents. These easy to maintain plants only need a bright window and a pot with good drainage. They are much more forgiving than other houseplants and only need to be watered when the soil is bone dry.

More candles are always nice with other decorations

5. No More Bare Walls

Most people’s budgets will only allow them decorate bit by bit – updating rooms or buying additional pieces, pay-cheque by pay-cheque. It can leave the space feeling a bit barren, with accessories taking a back seat to practical finishings like flooring and window treatments. The quickest way to remedy that bare feeling on a budget is with affordable art and space-filling plants. There are so many amazing prints available these days that are really good value, and you can really transform a space with art. If art isn’t your bag, mirrors are a great option because they create the feeling of more space and are great for bouncing light around the room. Charity shops are an absolute dream for finding cheap mirrors. Depending on the additions you make, you may want to consider updating your home contents insurance policy.

6. Home Office Design

COVID has changed our lives and our homes significantly. One of the most lasting effects is the need for a home office space as more workers transition to a remote lifestyle, which we covered extensively in our tips for creating a home office. Living spaces and rooms are now designed for double duty; tables and cabinets that can function as desks, guest rooms that are office space when not in use and even bedrooms equipped with exercise equipment. These rooms can also serve other purposes such as; classrooms for kids or study areas for students taking online courses. As people spend more time in their homes, they expect the spaces to work harder for them.

7. Sustainability

Sustainability has become a major issue for everyone, as it should. Re-loving old items from second hand stores and charity shops can be a great sustainable choice. And instead of trashing old items, think about joining a flea market. The money you’ll get from selling your items will stretch the budget of your re-decoration. And while you’re there you’ll surely find some items that are just right for your home. While walking around a flea market, always keep your creative mind open.

If seriously considering a home interior design project, it’s worth checking out our article covering everything from budget to processes and possibilities. And as a first-time buyer or seasoned homeowner, when it comes to protecting the things you love it’s important to have comprehensive home insurance. If you have questions we are happy to answer them or get a quick quote today.

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