8 Tips for Cheaper Car Rental This Summer

Renting a car can be expensive and confusing. Complex rental agreements coupled with persuasive sales assistants, offering a wide-range of add-ons, can double the cost of your car this summer. Don’t leave it to the last minute, doing some research before you leave you could get you a great deal.

1. Always compare prices

Make sure you do your research before renting a car. Comparing costs between different rental companies can lead to big savings. Check out car hire comparison sites for the cheapest car hire options.

2. Know the fuel policy

Some car rental companies operate a full to empty fuel policy, where you pay in advance for a full tank of petrol and return the car as close to empty as you can. However, it is difficult to empty the tank and you will be charged a premium by the rental service for the fuel in the first place. Opt for a company with a full to full fuel policy instead.

3. Renting extras

Research has shown renting add-ons like car seats and GPS can double the cost of your rental. If possible bring them with you when travelling, or shop around the different rental companies to find the best cost.

4. Toll free trips

Planning a route that is toll free may take longer but could save you a lot of money. Many of the main routes in Europe have expensive tolls. Take your time and travel through smaller towns and villages to see parts of the country you wouldn’t on the motorway. You are on holiday after all.

5. Book in advance

If you can book in advance you are more likely to get a car hire deal and choose the model of car that you want for your holiday. Try to book your car three to six months in advance for the best rates. Check the cancellation policy in terms and conditions before you book. Favour those offering free cancellation so you can shop around up to departure for better offers.

6. Airport rentals

Airport car rentals can be more expensive than picking up and dropping off from a city branch of the same company. It may be less convenient but could save you money in the long run. However, this may not be the case for every airport to make sure you do your research before booking.

7. Limit additional drivers

Sticking to the one driver is another way to get your rental for cheaper, as some rental companies can charge more for every extra driver, usually at a daily fee. Also, consider the driver age of additional drivers, younger drivers are usually more expensive. Some rental companies will allow spouses or business colleagues to be added to the policy without an extra fee.

8. Car hire excess

Taking out car hire excess cover when renting a car is definitely something you should do. Car hire excess is an amount you must pay before your car insurance covers you. While at home your, car excess may only be a couple of hundred euro, it is usually much more expensive for hire cars. So, if the car is damaged you will be charged a hefty amount when you return your vehicle. Taking out a car hire excess policy before you leave will save you money as taking it out directly from the rental company is usually more expensive.

Going on holidays is expensive as it is. Hopefully these tips will help you save some money to spend on more fun things on your summer holiday.

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