6 Tips for Travelling to Greece

For those planning to travel to Greece, the 2015 financial crisis has added quite a few additional items to the typical traveller’s checklist. Still, lots of holidaymakers are still planning to make their way South to the Mediterranean coast for some sun.

We’ve put together a guide to help you figure out how to plan for your holiday to Greece, mistakes to avoid, and what to expect when you arrive. 

1. Bring cash with you

Don’t rely on debit and credit cards. While the 60 euro withdrawal limit applies only to debit cards issued to Greek banks, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. Analysts suggest starting with a stash of cash in small denominations to avoid any surprises as banking services including ATMs and credit card processing could be limited in short notice.  Please be advised that the maximum cash that can be transported outside Ireland without declaration is 10 thousand euro.

2. Don’t carry all that cash around with you

Instead, consider using hotel safes and deposit boxes to stash valuables you do not want to carry with you. Be discreet with the cash you have on hand. 

3. Avoid DIY Tour Operators

Travel agents and Greek travel organisations offer organized tours that ensure a series of guarantees that will cover most issues that could occur during the tour. It is better, therefore, to rely on a recognised travel organizer and avoid DIY tour operators.

4. Make sure your travel insurance covers sending you home in case of illness

AIG Travel Insurance covers you for this, including hospital stays and other medical issues.

5. Be aware of possible strikes

Strikes are one of the most common reasons services might be suspended and can involve potential for danger. It’s important to monitor the situation around you and steer clear of any demonstrations. 

6. Stock up on medicines required before departure

Avoid surprises by taking extras of all the necessary medicines along with you rather than buying them there.

It is worth remembering that:

  1. The major shipping companies are private. This means that even in case of default by the Greek state, ferry companies do not go bankrupt.
  2. The limit of cash withdrawal does not apply to tourists. As mentioned earlier, the measures restricting the movement of capital concern only those who have money in Greek banks. For withdrawals and debit cards issued by Irish or international banks there is no limit.

AIG has you covered with comprehensive travel insurance for a safe and sun-soaked holiday in Greece.


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