Rapidcover Renewals Guide

Step 1:

AIG will contact you in good time to let you know when your Rapidcover policy is available to renew. You can then log on to www.rapidcover.ie, locate your client on the Home page, and follow the steps below in full in order to renew the policy.

Step 2:

Clicking on the client name will take you to the Client Summary, where the option to renew will now be displayed beside the policy.

Step 3:

Clicking “Renewal Quote” will open a page asking you to confirm the renewal period.

Step 4:

Provided sufficient risk information is already on file for this policy, clicking “Confirm” will take you directly to your renewal quote. The “Renewal Summary” page displays the calculated renewal premium and a range of associated documentation.

Step 5:

You should carefully review the Completed Application Form. This details the information on which the renewal quote is based. If you need to update any of this information, click “Amend” at the foot of the Renewal Summary page. You can then edit the risk details and resubmit for a new renewal quote.

Step 6:

Once you are satisfied that the Completed Application Form is complete and accurate, and you are ready to confirm renewal, click “Proceed to bind” on the Renewal Summary page.

Step 7:

Click “Accept” on the Broker Account screen to accept the quote provided and bind the renewal.

Step 8:

Policy documentation for the renewal period will now be generated and presented to you on the “Renewal Details” screen.


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