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Discover the Benefits of AIG Pupil Protector

Look after your children attending school as students with our innovative Pupil Protector policy which provides assistance and financial support if your child suffers from an accident while undertaking a school activity.

Nobody wants to think about anything happening to their children and usually the financial implications of a serious accident can add extra stress to the situation. That’s why our pupil plan offers excellent benefits and features that many cover providers don’t from just €2.45 per pupil.*

*Price based on 1 pupil with compulsory cover for school activities only as of January 2016.

20% Discount Online

20% Discount Online

We believe you will find our premiums very competitive with a 20% discount available online. We also include a range of features which give parents added peace of mind.

Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion

Benefit from a free Second Opinion by a medical specialist on any medical diagnosis given by a hospital consultant in Ireland with a range of treatment and research advice.

Medical & Rehabilitation

Medical & Rehabilitation

Get expert advice for your child following an accident from our highly qualified staff offering valuable assistance and insight on post-accident treatment and rehabilitation.


What is Pupil Protector Insurance?

Pupil Protector is a new and innovative Personal Accident Plan designed to provide financial support and assistance in the event of an accident to a child while at school or undertaking a school activity. Every year many children require hospital treatment following an accident and the consequences can be very serious, often leading to permanent disability. Our Pupil Protector Personal Accident Plan is designed to provide financial support for parents to meet some of the medical, dental and other bills that arise when serious accidents happen. Our plan provides a wide range of insurance benefits some of which are not available on similar schemes with competitors. Please read our policy wording for full details of the cover.

What is Pupil Protector Insurance?

Benefits Table

View a summary of the pupil protector cover below and learn the events that you are protected for and the amount of benefits you would be due. The table below offers a great overview of the cover and can help give you a sense of how the policy might help you.

  Pupil Protector Benefits Table

Paralysis from the neck down


Brain damage


Permanent total disability


Loss of sight in both eyes


Loss of both hands or both feet


Loss of sight in one eye


Loss of one hand or one foot


Loss of hearing:

(a) both ears


(b) one ear


Loss of speech


Death by accident


Full Thickness Burns….up to


Facial Scarring....up to


Hospitalisation €20 for each 24 hours…. up to


Medical & Dental Expenses not recoverable from any other source…. up to

This is a summary of cover only. Please see the policy wording for full list of Benefits, Terms & Conditions.

Cover Options

Option A – Compulsory Cover

Under this option all pupils on the school register are insured for the chosen option. Only one of the following options may be selected.

View this option in PDF format

  Standard Cover €50 Excess* €100 Excess*

24 Hour Cover

€6.20 Per Pupil €4.95 Per Pupil €4.35 Per Pupil

School's Activities Only

€3.50 Per Pupil €2.80 Per Pupil €2.45 Per Pupil

All Staff (School Activities)

€4.90 Per Member €3.90 Per Member €3.45 Per Member

*excess is per accident per pupil

Staff can be included if required but all staff in the school must be insured for School Activities Only cover. The premium per staff member is €4.90, €3.90 or €3.45  depending on what option you choose. 

Option B – Optional/Specified Pupils Cover

Under this option parents must select which cover they wish to buy for their child. A list of all pupils insured by class and by cover choice selected should be submitted with your application form.  

  Standard Cover

24 Hour Cover

€7.00 Per Pupil

School's Activities Only

€4.50 Per Pupil


To get confirmation of the premium please call us on 1800 287 287 & Buy. Schools who wish to purchase cover online will receive a 20% online discount. All premiums include government levy. Cheques should be made payable to AIG. This is a summary of cover only. Please see the Policy Document for full list of Benefits, Terms & Conditions.



Medical Management Services Ireland and Medical & Rehabilitation with Medical Management services are offered as an automatic feature of our Pupil Protector Schools Personal Accident policy.


Medical Case Manager to assist


Should an accident occur which is covered under our policy, as part of our claims management services we can appoint a designated Medical Case Manager who will be available as a first line advisory service to assist parents at this stressful time.  

Your Medical & Rehabilitation Case Manager will discuss your child’s current medical situation and advise you in relation to the medical pathway to follow as regards physiotherapy and general recovery and well being. Medical & Rehabilitation will also advise on service providers in your area who will assist you with the overall management of your child’s condition.   

Advice on treatment and physiotherapy


In the case of more serious accidents your Claims Handler will coordinate all of these services with our Medical & Rehabilitation Team on your behalf, allowing you to spend more time with your child without the added stress and worry that such situations can bring.


It's important to know...

Our products are available for Republic of Ireland residents only. You must be 18 years or over to purchase a policy.

This cover is suitable for thosed aged between 4 and 21 and are currently attending school.


Do you have a question?

You can find a most of the information around this policy above but if not, you can contact our Pupil Protector team between 9am - 5pm on 1800 287 287.

If you need help with your existing policy or are looking to renew, you can find all your relevant information on our Existing Customers page.


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AIG Pupil Protector from €2.45 per pupil. Price based on 1 pupil with compulsory cover for school activities only as of July 2017.