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By 2020, 1 in 2 Irish people are expected to be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime.* Thankfully survivor rates are increasing in Ireland. AIG’s Cancer Cover insurance plan is designed to help you through this difficult time. Our unique standalone cash based benefit plan gives you payments of up to €64,000 to assist through every stage of your recovery starting from as little as €3.50 per month.**

*Source: - 1 in 2 by 2020 is a projection based on current data provided by the NCRI. It makes allowances for variables such as aging population, lifestyle and other factors and is in line with projections for other countries such as the UK.

**Based upon Standard Cover for an 18 to 29 year old non-smoker.


What is Cancer Cover?

When you are told you have cancer, the diagnosis affects not only you, but also your family and friends. You may feel scared, uncertain, or angry about the unwanted changes cancer will bring to your life and theirs. The emotional impact of dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be very difficult. The second worry is often money. How do I support my family, run a home, continue to pay bills during my treatment? What if I have no health Insurance? What if I can’t work?


What is Cancer Cover


This added financial stress can cause serious emotional pressure during this difficult time. Thankfully our policy covers you in payments of up to €64,000 to help you through any short term financial worries. There are no restrictions on how you spend the money, it could help pay for child care, help around the home, and even the little things you take for granted like parking charges, getting to the shops or the doctors. It can also be used to help pay your medical bills or on a relaxing holiday to help you recuperate.

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Support when you need it

Support When You Need It

Get both financial support and emotional support on your diagnosis of Cancer to help you get through your difficult time.

Simple Cover; no fuss

A Personal Nurse Adviser

Get unlimited access to a Nurse Adviser for as long as you need it as well as access to complimentary therapies.

Two cover options

Simple Cover - No Fuss

You don't have to do a medical exam, we won't ask you any awkward health questions and cover is available regardless of family medical history 



We offer two levels of our Cancer Cover policy; Standard and Double. Double offers the same benefits as standard but to a higher amount of payments. You can see a breakdown of this price difference below or by viewing our Insurance Product Information Document.

Cancer Cover Cover Level Comparison
  Standard Cover Double Cover


€7,500 €15,000

Income Benefit (1 year)

€625/Month €1,250/Month

After Surgery

€4,000 €8,000

Day-case surgery (5 visits)

€100/Visit €200/Visit

In-patient hospitalisation (100 days)

€125/day €250/day

Total Benefit

€32,000 €64,000


As well as providing financial help when you claim, the Cancer Cover Plan also provides emotional support and guidance through the AIG Medical Management Services (AIG MMS). Besides unlimited access to a Medical Case Manager by telephone for as long as you need help and support, they can also:


Home visit by a specialist nurse

Provide you with specialist information and advice regarding all aspects of your health care journey including but not limited to medical care, specialist equipment, financial assistance and work related issues.


complimentary therapy

Arrange a course of complimentary therapy to the value of €300 offering a more holistic approach to support your needs or a programme of therapy or counselling for you and your family.


Personal nurse advisor


Your personal medical case manager can pass on information about appliances and equipment or specialist clothing that you may need as well as advice on nutritional supplements. And, if you need it, they can provide details of local hospices and their policies and counsel you and your family. They can put you in touch with Support Groups or charities who help cancer sufferers so you can better understand your journey.




€32,000 on the Standard Plan and €64,000 on the Double Cover Plan

No, €64,000 is the maximum we wish to insure for any one person

Yes, but it needs to be made very clear to them that any cancers that arise directly or indirectly from this cancer will not be covered under the plan. The same applies to any Pre-Existing Condition.

No, both your breasts are considered the one organ and cover ceases for that organ on diagnosis.



Our products are available for Republic of Ireland residents only.

You must be 18 years or over to purchase a policy.

Cover is available up to the age of 74 years old.

You can take out a policy if you have pre-existing conditions, pre-cancerous or pre-malignant cells but you will not be covered for any cancer diagnosis connected to, or due to, these previous conditions. You can read the full policy document for further details.



You can find a list of our most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Otherwise you can contact our customer service team between 9am - 5pm on 1800 646 747. If you need help with your existing policy or are looking to renew, you can find all your relevant information on our Existing Customers page.



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Our information is sourced from the following websites which you can also use to get facts, information and support materials if needed: Marie Keating Foundation | National Cancer Registry Ireland | | Central Statistics Office