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Home Insurance from AIG offers you great ways to insure your house


On top of offering you a variety of options for household insurance that suit your needs without breaking the bank, you can also get 12 months cover for the price of 10 (17% discount)*. Come rain, snow, flood or fire, we’ve got you covered with home insurance that is right for you. All of our cover levels insure you against fire, smoke, storm, flood, freezing, escape of water or oil, stealing, malicious damage, subsidence and heave or landslip. Learn more about our different levels of house insurance cover below and get a home insurance quote from AIG today.

*Acceptance criteria terms and conditions apply. 2 months free cover available from 30th September 2016 to 31st May 2017 for new AIG customers and is equivalent to 17% discount. Offer does not apply to new Holiday Home or Rental Home cover quotations. All discounts applied subject to minimum premium for Residential home buildings and contents cover of €275.00 (excl of government levies).


Choose a level of Home Insurance cover that suits your needs

Our home insurance comes in two attractive cover levels giving you the choice to choose what's needed for you. The Plus plan includes "essential" covers and extra benefits at a competitive price while the Premium plan offers our widest range of benefits to protect your home.


Home Plus Cover

∙ Accidental breakage of glass and sanitary fittings

∙ Door locks replacement: Up to €750

∙ Fire Brigade charges: Up to €1,500

∙ Satellite dishes, TV aerials and masts up to 30ft: Up to €1,500

∙ Vouched clean-up expenses (oil escape): Up to €1,500

∙ Title deeds: Up to €750

Home Premium Cover

∙  Inclusion of Unspecified All Risks Cover up to €3,000

∙ Accidental breakage of glass and sanitary fittings

∙ Adaptation of Home (following disability) up to €10,000

∙ Damage to headstones up to €1,000

∙ Door locks replacement up to €1,000

∙ Fire Brigade charges up to €2,000

∙ Landscaping cover up to €1,000

∙ Satellite dishes, TV aerials and masts as tall as 30ft up to €2,000

∙ Vouched clean-up expenses (oil escape) up to €2,000

Note: See product summary for full details, including exclusions and excess information.


Why AIG Home Insurance?

More Savings

More Savings with Car Insurance

Earn additional discounts on your premium as an existing AIG car insurance policy holder with our 20% Loyalty Discount off your home cover.

30% No Claims Discount

Up to 30% No Claims Discount

We reward our Customers who remain claims free under their Home policy with up to 30% off for 3 years claims free.

Home Assist Helpline

Emergency Home Assist Helpline

Our 24 hour Home Assist emergency helpline gets you in touch with a network of repairers to help alleviate the effects of a loss. Call 1850 924 012

†To qualify for 30% off your home quotation, you must have at least 3 years claims free history on the house to be insured. 30% Discount for 3 years No Claims.


What Is Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance is designed to protect your personal belongings and items if you are the victim of a theft, fire or flood and save you from the extra stress of having to replace these items on your own. Contents are generally items that are not permanent fixtures of your home building like your furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, clothes etc. It's easy to quickly see the impact of the cost of replacing all these items if something were to incur.

What Is All Risks Cover?

All Risks cover is a type of coverage that includes all items - even items you may not have specified - in your cover unless the item or conditions have been specifically excluded from your insurance. As an example if your cover did not exclude fire damage, your items would be covered in the event of a fire. All Risk cover is the most comprehensive type of cover you can get for your contents and as such usually increases your premium.


Optional Extra Covers Available

For an additional premium you may select some or all of the undernoted optional extra covers.


More Savings

Accidental Damage

For wider protection of your home and its contents get cover for any accidental damage that may occur.

More Savings

All Risks Cover

As explained above this is a great option if you need to insure specific or unspecified items in your home.

More Savings

Bicycle Cover

Do you cycle a lot or own a couple of bikes? Your bicycles can be insured for up to €1,000 per bike.

More Savings

Family Accident Protection

Look after yourself from injuries anywhere by adding personal accident cover with benefits of up to €25,000.


Disaster Mortgage / Cash Cover

You can add protection for your monthly mortgage payment on your insured Private House, should an event insured under your home policy render your Private House to be “temporarily uninhabitable” (as defined in the policy wording) for more than 72 consecutive hours

Learn more about getting a home insurance quote






Up to 30% No Claims Discount

At AIG, we reward our Customers who remain claims free under their Home policy. Our current No Claim Discount Scale is as follow:

  Discount %

1 Year Claims Free


2 Years Claims Free


3 Years Or More Claims Free



Premium discounts on your home insurance quote are also available for having an approved Burglar Alarm or being an existing AIG Car Insurance customer. 


If your home insurance policy is subject to a no claims discount, it will be included in the premium breakdown section of your home insurance schedule. In the event of a claim during the period of insurance, your no claims discount will be withdrawn at the subsequent renewal. Additional voluntary excess amounts can also be amended to suit your needs & budget. Call us for further details.


It's important to know...


There are a number of cover assumptions that you will need to read carefully and accept, before a home insurance quotation and/ or cover can be confirmed. The cover assumptions for each of our home insurance products can be accessed here.



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Do you have a question?

You can find a list of our most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page, otherwise you can contact our Home team between 9am - 6pm on 1890 27 27 27.

If you need help with your existing policy or are looking to renew, you can find all your relevant information on our Existing Customers page.


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*Minimum premium of €275.00 excl. govt. levy applies for Buildings and Contents cover. Optional extras excluded. Call us for details 01 261 1248.