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The difference between third party and comprehensive insurance

Our car insurance teams are often asked about the difference between third party, fire and theft and comprehensive insurance and which one is the right option. The answer really depends on your circumstances but we wanted to answer some of your most common questions so you can make the choice that is right for you:

What is comprehensive insurance?

As the name suggests, comprehensive insurance offers the most cover for you and other people’s cars. However it is important to remember that it may not cover all eventualities. It is important to read policy documentation in detail to make sure you understand what is and is not covered.


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 Advantages of comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance may be the right option for you if:

  • You want costs for damage to your car covered
  • You want accidental damage cover for your car
  • You want to benefit from the personal accident cover
  • You want a replacement car while your car is repaired

Disadvantages of comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance can be more expensive than third party fire and theft however it is worth checking this by getting a quote as it is not always the case.


What is third party, fire and theft insurance? 

It is the most basic form of car insurance that AIG Ireland offer. It covers your costs if your car is:

  • Damaged by theft
  • Stolen
  • Damaged by fire

Third party, fire and theft will also cover the costs of the other person involved in an accident with your car but it will not cover your personal costs or the costs to repair your car if an accident occurs no matter who is at fault.

third party
Third Party, Fire and Theft

Advantages of third party fire and theft insurance? 

Third party fire and theft may be the right option for you if:

  • Your car is low value. 
  • Your car is not expensive to repair
  • You are confident you can undertake basic repairs yourself

Disadvantages of third party fire and theft insurance?

Third party, fire and theft may not be the right option for you if:

  • You want cover for accidental damage to your car
  • You want extras like a replacement car if your own car is out of action


No matter which option you think is right for you, AIG Ireland offer some of the most competitive prices.

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