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Discover the Benefits of AIG Car Insurance for Men

At AIG we know that Car Insurance isn’t something you’re going to want to spend a lot of time thinking about. We’ve made it easy, giving you a range of meaningful benefits as well as the flexibility to take control of the things that you want!

€310 For Comprehensive Cover

€326 For Comprehensive Cover*

With an excellent rate for male drivers, you could save even more on your Car Insurance and enjoy a heap of great benefits.

Protect your Windscreen

Protect your Windscreen

A broken or damaged windscreen is something that nobody wants to deal with. Thankfully, we offer up to €650 to get it replaced.

Take Your Car Abroad

Take Your Car Abroad

It seems to us that you should be able to bring your car with you on holidays. That’s why we provide up to 30 days cover to you if you bring your car to Europe.

A Range Of Benefits

A Range Of Benefits

Enjoy extra benefits such as protection of your No Claims Bonus on all fire, theft & glass claims giving you more from your insurance.

Your Personal Items are Protected

Your Personal Items Are Protected

We offer replacement cover of up to €150 on your personal items stolen from your car giving you additional comfort while on the go.

Optional Breakdown Assistance

Optional Breakdown Assistance

You can add our optional full Breakdown assist to your policy as an extra, giving complete comfort no matter where you might be.


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Why AIG Car Insurance For Men?

At AIG we understand that on top of great value insurance, you need a great policy. As such, we are proud of the range of benefits we offer and believe that our car insurance for men is perfectly suited to you by giving you the cover for both the things that matter to you and the things that might happen to you.

Great value car insurance

Great Value Car Insurance

Get up to 20% off your car insurance with our XLNTdriver app** and learn how to improve your driving.

Fantastic Claims Service

A Fantastic Claims Service

You'll have only one claims agent assigned to you and with our online claims service you can submit forms at any time!

Fair No Claims Bonus

Even Better No Claims Bonus

Fire, theft, or broken glass claims won’t impact on your No Claims Bonus helping you to avoid unnecessary stress.

**20% discount applies to our XLNTdriver product.


XLNTdriver App

Smart Driving App

Highlight your driving faults and learn how to become a safer and better driver all while saving money on your car insurance premium with the AIG XLNTdriver app.

∙ Real-time info on your driving.

∙ Good driving leads to a better premium.

∙ Helps keep your driving safe.


It's important to know...


∙ Our products are available for Ireland residents only.

∙ You must be 17 years or over to purchase a policy.

∙ You can find a copy of our terms of business here



Do you have a question?

You can find a list of our most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Otherwise you can contact our customer service team between 9am - 6pm on 1890 27 27 27.

If you need help with your existing policy or are looking to renew, you can find all your relevant information on our Existing Customers page.


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*AIG Car Insurance is available from just €325.50. This price excludes the government imposed levy and applies to a wide range of quotations. Figure based upon comprehensive insurance for a 58 year old teacher and spouse, living in Dundrum, Dublin 16, 10 year licence, no penalty points, 6 years no claims bonus, 6 years claims free, Driving a 2016 Ford Focus, 1.2 L Petrol, worth €10,000 for Social Domestic and Pleasure. Excludes optional extras. Minimum premium of €325.50 + levy applies. Stepback cover and windscreen cover included. Example correct as of 04/08/2017.