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[Infographic] XLNTdriver Driving Behaviour

Date Published 29.05.2015
Topic Car Insurance

XLNTDriver Driving Behaviour Infographic


AIG research shows young male drivers twice as likely to speed daily and young female drivers most likely to suffer from road rage!


Our survey published ahead of the June Bank Holiday weekend shows 61% of male drivers aged 18 to 24 admitting they break the speed limit at least once a week, 26% saying they break the limit daily. In comparison 13% of young female respondents say they speed daily while that figure rises to 39% weekly.  Across all ages 38% say they break the legal limit at least once a week.

Young female drivers are the most likely to suffer from road rage among Irish motorists according to new research from AIG Insurance.  The survey reveals that 61% of female motorists aged between 25 and 34 have suffered from road rage at some point.  Among males the age group that acknowledge experiencing it most are 35 to 44 year olds (46%) while overall over one in three (35%) say they have suffered from its effects.


The XLNTdriver app rewards safer driving and encourages drivers to improve their driving habits.  AIG hope that this in turn will help lead to safer roads. Ensure you are covered with AIG Car Insurance.

AIG XLNTdriver Driving Behaviour
The survey lead to the presented infographic which provides 7 driving behavior statistics.

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