Why does Road Safety in Ireland Matter?

It’s not so the Gardai will leave us alone and we don’t end up with penalty points or convictions. It’s more important than that. In Ireland, 159 people lost their lives on the roads in 2015. That’s 159 empty seats at dinner tables in households around the country, every evening, forever more. Lives shattered. Those numbers don’t include the broken bodies and damaged minds that are often a result of road accidents each year.

We have used our access to global data to understand:

  • How many people are killed around the world in traffic accidents
  • Who are most likely to be involved in an accident
  • The most preventable causes of traffic accidents

We think some of this information will shock you. If you are a man reading this, almost ¾ of road deaths globally are men. That’s a sobering statistic if ever there was one.

Drive safely and save a life

It could be your own. If not, then it is likely to be the life of a vulnerable road user:

  • Pedestrian
  • Cyclist
  • Motorcyclist

Who represent almost half of traffic deaths around the world.

Road safety is key

We know from our own research you understand the importance of taking responsibility for road safety. Through our analysis we know the most preventable causes of road accidents.

Drink driving: although the drink drive limit in Ireland is 50mg for a fully qualified driver but we would say, don’t drink and drive. Don’t take the risk. It’s really not worth it.

Distracted driving: on average we check our phones approximately 150 times a day! Sometimes they distract us when we drive, that loss of concentration for a minute can have costs that last a life time.

Speed: the faster we drive the greater the chance we will have an accident, slowing traffic in front of us or a bump in the road can have tragic results. Don’t speed because you are late, you will be a lot later if you have an accident. It is more important to arrive alive than on time.

Safety: this covers everything from buckling up to wearing a motor bike helmet. These all help in the event of an accident. They are life savers so make sure everyone in your car or on your bike is taking every precaution they can.

Think road safety first

Every time you get into your car, be certain that you are well and able to drive. We don’t want you or your loved ones to become another statistic on Ireland’s roads.

As the insurer of over 10 million vehicles globally – from consumer vehicles in Ireland to commercial trucks in Atlanta – and the employer of over 64,000 people, AIG is increasing its efforts to improve driver education and road safety.

With the intent of helping clients remain safe behind the wheel, AIG leverages data-driven insights and years of claims experience to understand why road accidents happen. Intimate knowledge of the road safety challenges present in the approximately 130 countries and jurisdictions where AIG operates means clients can benefit from considerable expertise.

AIG is committed to leveraging our insights and experience to better understand why accidents happen. This information can help us prevent road accidents and better assist our customers, when they are involved in an accident. 

Ensure you are covered with AIG Car Insurance.


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