A Parent’s Guide to Flying With a Baby

Travelling with an infant can be overwhelming if you are not appropriately prepared.  You may be travelling with your own baby or a relative’s, either way you may want to have some legal documentation on hand.

Unfortunately, that’s not all you have to contend with when flying with a baby; First off you need clearance from the doctor’s office and this has to be done at least two months prior to making the trip. This is because they may require specific vaccines depending on the region you are travelling to. In addition to that, infants can experience motion sickness or altitude sickness. You want to be sure this is not the case with your baby or at least be able to manage it in the event that your baby gets ill on the aircraft.

Not to worry though, travelling with a baby doesn’t have to be dreary or that exhausting, with proper planning and preparation you will be able to enjoy the trip with your baby. The first step to making sure that happens is by putting together a list of things you need to do before, during and after the trip to ensure the safety of your baby.

The infographic below from babyinastroller.com will help you get ready for your trip. 



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