Holiday packing list: what to bring skiing

Once you have decided on the destination for your ski holiday, one of the trickiest things is figuring out what to bring skiing. You need clothes for skiing, clothes for après ski and clothes for days you don’t hit the slopes. Then there’s the rest, toiletries, shoes and accessories, it’s hard to know where to begin!

If you are a first-time skier, we suggest these basic must haves for your trip:

1.  Layers

Key to staying warm in the snow is layering up. Although you can usually rent outer layers in ski resorts (don’t forget to check this when you are booking!) you will have to bring your own base and mid layers. Although they may not look the most attractive, a good set of thermals are a must have on a ski holiday, ideally have two pairs so you can wash them after a long day on the slopes.

2. Ski socks

Again, when it comes to socks you must bring your own. We recommend investing in three or four pairs of ski socks.

3. Boots

Although you may be able to rent ski boots with your other ski gear at your resort, it is worth having a pair of good quality boots to wear when you aren’t skiing. Look for track sole boots, so you don’t end up sliding all over the place.

Leave your trainers at home, they will be soaked in a matter of minutes in slush around the resort.

4.  Ski goggles

Not normally available to rent, it is worth buying ski-goggles before you go to avoid premium prices in destination ski shops. Do your research and get a good quality pair of goggles, even if you are on your first trip. There is nothing that impedes progress more than not being able to see where you are going on the slopes!

5. Ski gloves 

Don’t skimp on these either. It’s not much fun if you can’t feel your hands and it is only 11am. If it is particularly cold when you are travelling it is worth getting liners for your gloves. Finally, don’t forget an ordinary pair for après ski so you don’t end up losing your expensive gloves in a restaurant or bar.

6. Neck warmer

A neck warmer is like a snood, a seamless ring of material that sits snug against your neck and protects you from the cold. If temperatures are going to be particularly low consider a full face balaclava to protect your face.

7. Rucksack

Include a small backpack to carry personal items, snacks and water when you ski. Try and find one that moulds well to your body and will hold everything you will need on the slopes.

8. Water bottle 

Skiing is thirsty work and the cold weather can make it more difficult to realise you are becoming dehydrated. Always carry water with you and remember to drink it at regular intervals.

9. Sunglasses, sunscreen and spf lip balm 

We know this makes it sound like you are off on holiday to the tropics but trust us, you will need all three. The glare from the sun is particularly strong in the snow and it is easy to get badly burnt spending so much time out in cloudless skies. There are products specifically for skiing but if you have some left from your summer holiday that is still in date, it should do the trick.

10. Clothes for Apres Ski 

Thankfully après ski tends to be a casual affair in all but the most upmarket ski resorts. Remember layer thin layers to allow for the indoor temperatures in crowded venues. There are lots of advice online on trends for 2018.

11. Slippers 

Although you won’t have much call for them on the piste, cozy socks or slippers will be needed if you are staying in a chalet, as you are not usually allowed wear outdoor shoes inside.

12. Travel insurance details

Although we truly hope you never have to use it, don’t leave home on a ski holiday without comprehensive travel insurance. Protect yourself, summer and winter, with an AIG multi-trip policy. With our multi-trip, you qualify for free Ski and Winter Sports insurance for up to 17 days within a year. Get a travel quote today.


Finally, following this list our final tip is to pack as light as you possibly can! There are often long transfers from airport to resort so make it as easy as possible on yourself by having as little luggage as possible.


This blog is for marketing purposes only and does not constitute advice. 


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