Hibernate Your Home This Winter

Whether you’re a winter wanderer or prefer to hibernate, you can take some simple steps to conserve energy and help protect your home this winter. As temperatures drop, AIG wants to help ensure that you don’t waste energy and your home won’t suffer damage during the long winter months.

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Just one frozen pipe this winter can mean no heating or warm water. For a homeowner, this can result in a nasty bill and months of disruption while pipes are fixed – which is always worse if it’s freezing cold outside.

Having AIG Home Insurance in Ireland, always adds peace of mind and security. But prevention should be your first defence against winter home catastrophes. The following infographic provides some useful tips to prepare your house and to help keep you warm, dry and cosy throughout the winter months.

Regardless of what precautions you take, accidents can and do happen. Luckily AIG home insurance offers a host of great benefits, including cover for water damage from burst pipes or leaking central heating systems. Click for more information and get a home insurance quote here.


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