The Cost Of Sports Injuries

72% of Irish adults who play amateur sport have experienced an injury, with most receiving no financial support

  • New AIG survey outlines the financial and personal cost of sports injuries
  • AIG’s Injury Cash plan offers cover to amateur athletes when they need it most

New research has found that 72% of Irish people who regularly participate in sport have sustained an injury while playing, with 73% of those injured incurring a significant financial cost as a result.

AIG recently surveyed more than 1,300 players and sport participants across several sports from all over Ireland about their experiences with sports. It found that most had experienced an injury, with 33% sustaining one in the last twelve months. The majority (63%) of these injuries occurred during match play, with strained muscle (53%), broken bones (34%) and ankle injuries (29%) among the most common problems.

Participants were asked about the financial toll of such injuries and the findings were stark, with 63% of those injured incurring over €200 in additional costs as a result of their most significant injury and 23% facing an eye watering bill of more than €500.

Furthermore, the majority of respondents noted that they were forced to bear the brunt of the cost themselves as 72% said their clubs didn’t provide or support free physio or medical appointments. Higher level athletes were more likely to receive practical support from their clubs, while just 23% of junior players and 32% of intermediate players reported being aware of clubs supplying free physiotherapy or medical appointments.

Commenting on the research, John Clear, Head of Accident & Health,, said:

“This research reinforces how common injuries in everyday sport can lead to financial consequences. That’s why AIG is developing products that can be[CJ1]  a great help to people who have been injured playing the sport they love.”

“AIG is deeply rooted in the communities where our customers and colleagues live, and we have a long association with sport and sports clubs all over the country. Our Injury Cash product helps ensure that people can continue to play sport in those communities and have some financial support and peace of mind in the event of a covered injury.”

The research also found that it’s not just finances that take a hit. 53% admitted that an injury had affected their work or education in terms of performance or attendance, while 72% said their most significant injury had kept them out of sport for four weeks or more.

While the injury risks associated with playing both high-level and recreational sports are well-known, the research shows that just 34% of those surveyed had personal accident protection insurance in place, even though personal accident insurance can guarantee much-needed support and financial assistance when most vital.

To help provide a solution to the financial consequences from relatively minor to more serious injuries, AIG Insurance has developed a new Injury Cash product. Plans start from just €5.95 per month and offers cover for injuries resulting from accidents while exercising, playing sport or just out and about. Under the plan, cash is paid directly to the injured person and can be used to cover whatever the injured person needs - whether that’s time off work, taxi journeys or even a holiday.

The plan also covers injuries sustained while engaged in other leisure activities as well as while working (subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions) meaning you can continue to do the things you love with the knowledge that you’ll be protected, should the unexpected happen.

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Notes on research:

  • Research carried out by AIG with databases from partner sporting organisations including Dublin GAA, Golf Ireland and LGFA
  • Findings available for review if required

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