Top Christmas Decorating Ideas

Whether you are taking out boxes of dusty decorations or are starting from scratch in your new place, there are some inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas that will have your home looking bang up to date this year. The top trends we have spotted are:

Hang Fairy Lights Vertically 

This is a really easy way to incorporate a 2016 trend without it costing a penny extra! So it seems we have been putting fairy lights on our trees all wrong for all these years. Tying ourselves in knots wrapping them around the tree where they are often hidden among the branches. We could be adding them vertically so the tips of the tree twinkle. But how? Start at the end of your lights, the side without the plug, at the top of your tree drop them to the bottom and move along 10cm or so to make sure the tree is evenly covered.

Small is beautiful 

Don’t let lack of space stop you from getting a real tree. Many places that sell real trees now offer tiny options perfect for small apartments and studios. Keep the theme and decorations simple and add plenty of fairy lights to brighten up the part of the room it is in.

New Metalics 

The traditional metallic colours at Christmas are silver and gold. This year these are taking a back seat for more contemporary rose gold and copper Christmas tree decorations. Try stores like Tiger and Penny’s if you are on a budget.

Homemade Centre Pieces

You don’t need much time or money to make a centre piece that is bang on trend this year. Grab a wide vase or glass bowl, fill with fruit and nuts from the season (think oranges, almonds, walnuts) and finish off with a church candle for a contemporary centre for your Christmas dinner.

Alternative Christmas Wreaths 

Welcome visitors to your door this year with an alternative Christmas wreath. Trends in 2016 for those who love the cottage feel are towards more earthy decorations made from pine cones, winter berries or cedar leaves. For a more contemporary feel, think about a Christmas wreath made of baubles. Really brighten up the dark nights by choosing vivid pinks, purples and blues.

These are our favourite trends this year. Have you spotted another? Get in touch with us on Facebook and let us know or even better, share a picture. 

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We at AIG Ireland would like to offer you and yours Season’s Greetings and a prosperous 2017. 


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