9 of the Best Podcasts for Kids

Nearly everyone is subscribed to a podcast of some sort now days. They’re great for car journeys, commutes, workouts and relaxation time. They’re informative and interesting and above all, entertaining. But podcasts aren’t just for adults. There’s a whole range of child and family-friendly podcasts with episodes that will have your kids learning and laughing on every listen.

From bedtime stories to singalongs, dance workouts to fun facts, there’s a podcast to suit every kid. Here’s 9 of the best-rated podcasts for kids:

1. Story Pirates

Back in 2004, The Story Pirates existed as an education project for schools in Harlem. Made up of a group of improv actors, the pirates would re-enact stories written by children on stage

Having moved to podcasting, The Story Pirates ranks as the number one podcast for children and families. The podcast is produced by one of the biggest groups in the industry, Gimlet Media and features world-class actors, musicians, comedians and improvisers working together to bring children’s stories to life.

Episode we recommend: Cheese Quest / Diary of a Corn Snake ft. David Schwimmer

2. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Following the massive success of the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls books, this is a kids’ story podcast with a difference. Each story covered in their 12-minute episode contains an impressive and inspiring female lead.

Previous episodes have shared the tales of female greats like Michelle Obama, Frida Kahlo, and Ireland’s own pirate queen, Grace O’ Malley. The stories are read by guest narrators and aren’t just for girls - all children will benefit from hearing these stories.

Episode we recommend: Grace O’Malley read by Alison Mosshart.

3. Wow in the World

Both kids and parents can learn a thing or two from the Wow in the World Podcast. Hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas discuss child-friendly news from around the globe covering science, discovery and nature.

Previous episodes include conversations about how to talk to a dog and the black hole. Wow in the World is sort of a science podcast and will save you having to answer your

children’s wild questions like “can we build a stairs to the moon?” - yes, they have an episode for that.

Episode we recommend: Scaredy Sharks and the Science of Fear.

4. Peace out Podcast

The Peace out Podcast shares relaxing and mindful stories for children. These stories feature elements of mindfulness such as guided meditation, breathing exercises and visualisations.

The podcast is great for calming children down at night acting as a soothing bedtime story or even just to introduce children into mindfulness practices in general. It’s also good for replacing screen time in the evenings.

Episode we recommend: Ground Level - an episode that focuses on the five senses and regaining control when feeling anxious.

5. Story Time

Do your children love to hear a story at bedtime? Do you always have time to read one? Fear not. The Story Time podcast features 20-minute episodes of original bedtime stories that kids love.

Suitable for ages 2 to 13, the podcast releases two episodes a week and each story is written exclusively for the show. You might find yourself listening to them too!

Episode we recommend: Sierra and Forest. (This story was written following a child listener’s request for a story about a girl named Sierra and her cat named Forest).

6. Book Club for Kids

Exactly what it says on the tin, the Book Club for Kids podcast shares book recommendations and aims to provoke thoughts and conversations around the different themes.

Children can select which episodes and books appeal to them depending on their age and interests. Each episode introduces a book and hosts a panel discussion with children sharing their thoughts and experiences. Their website is also a great source for discovering recommended books.

Episode we recommend: The Lions of Little Rock.

7. The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

Do you have fond memories of Nancy Drew from your childhood? Well Eleanor Amplified in this generation’s answer to the iconic, red-haired sleuth. Eleanor is a world-famous radio reporter who uses her journalistic insights to catch villains and spoil their dubious plans.

In this mystery podcast, Eleanor’s investigations take her to the darkest corners of the jungle, the wide-open ocean and outer space’s cosmos. She solves crime and completes her journalistic work with a high level of ethics focusing on the importance of inclusivity of all views and freedom of information.

Episode we recommend: start from the beginning with “Who is Eleanor Amplified?”.

8. Sesame Street Podcast

Episodes of the Sesame Street Podcast are filled with the voices of characters that we know and love from the Sesame Street show - Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Abby Kadabra all make an appearance!

Each episode of the podcast will teach children about friendship, patience and understanding through stories and conversations by the gang at Sesame Street. Kids can sing along with Elmo and groove with Grover. This podcast is a hoot.

Episode we recommend: Let’s Dance!

9. Ear Snacks

Resident hosts Andrew and Polly describe the Ear Snacks Podcast as “a musical podcast for kids about the world”. The podcast uses music and song to teach children about a range of topics through their informative and fun lyrics.

Andrew and Polly are award-winning musicians. Previous episodes on their podcast include Taking Care of Teeth, Road Trip Mixtape 2019 and Toenails. Panel discussions with children and adults from all over the world also take place in each episode.

Episode we recommend: Family Tree.


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