8 Tips to Stay Secure at the Airport

Did you know you are at greatest risk of being a victim of crime in the first 24 hours of a trip abroad? More and more of us are travelling through Ireland’s airports to unfamiliar destinations. The good news is, there are some easy things you can do to help protect yourself and your family from becoming victims of crime. Here are our travel tips to ensure your safe travel:

1.  Research

Before you leave, research your destination:

  • How safe is it generally?
  • What time does your flight arrive?
  • How you will get from the hotel to your accommodation?

If you aren’t sure, contact your accommodation provider, travel agent or post a query on Trip Advisor.

2. Protect your car

When leaving your car at long stay car parks, don’t leave sat navs visible. Criminals have been known to use them to get back to your home address where your empty home is waiting to be robbed.

3. Hide luggage tags

When you are in the airport keep the address tags on your luggage covered. Burglars have been known to hang around airports checking addresses to locate empty homes.

4. Airport security

Talk to your Airline / Travel Agent about airport security prior to departure. By understanding security requirements in advance you will be more relaxed at the airport and able to focus on what is happening around you. This is particularly important when you are going through security, keep an eye on all your valuables when they are on trays to ensure they don’t accidently go astray.

5.  Consider valuables

Protect yourself and your valuables by placing medicine and expensive items in your carry-on luggage. Store important documents such as tickets, passports and travel insurance documents safely. Know what may or may not be covered by your home insurance while abroad. Consider investing in a money belt to store cash and cards while abroad.

6.  Don’t leave luggage 

Never leave luggage unattended or under the watch of a stranger. Don’t accept or carry items on behalf of someone you don’t know or trust. When abroad be wary of people asking for directions or handing out fliers.

7.  Arrange a pickup

In general if you are not familiar with your destination (or even the airport) you should arrange a pickup by the hotel /guesthouse or with a recommended transport company.

8.  Official taxi only

You should never ever get into an unofficial taxi. If you are unsure, airport staff will direct you to an official taxi rank and let you know the rough cost and journey time. In the cab, sit behind the driver so you can see them, but they cannot see you. Pay the driver once you arrive at your destination and while you are still sitting in the vehicle.


Following these tips should make travelling safer but should something go wrong it is really important to have comprehensive travel insurance for your trip. This is essential if you are visiting somewhere you are not familiar with. Protect yourself, your family and your stuff.


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