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8 Important Airport Safety Tips

Date Published 03.09.2013
Topic Travel Insurance

8 Important Airport Safety Tips


Recent research suggests that you are at your most vulnerable on the first 24 hours of your trip away from home.



Happily, your chances of being a victim of crime diminish with each passing hour in a strange country or place. We recommend the following tips to make your trip a safer, more pleasant experience.

  1. Prior to departing always enquire about less safe areas where you are staying, check with hotels and local police.  Ensure that you have adequate holiday insurance cover which suits your particular holiday, for example ski insurance may be need to be specified.  

  2. When leaving your car at long stay car parks, don’t leave satellite navigation devices in the car. Burglars have been known to use these devices to guide them to your home address where your vacant home is waiting to be burgled.    

  3. When departing from your local airport ensure your home address tags are not easily visible to passers by, burglars have been known to hang around airports checking addresses to locate empty homes.   

  4. Talk to your Airline / Travel Agent about airport security prior to departure. By understanding security requirements in advance you will be more relaxed at the airport and be more aware of your environment. Remember airport security measures are there to keep YOU safe.   

  5. Protect yourself and your valuables by placing medicine and expensive items in your carry-on luggage. Keep a pencil or pen handy throughout your trip to note gate, departure time and connecting flight information. Store important documents such as tickets, passports and travel insurance documents safely.   

  6. Never leave luggage unattended or under the watch of a stranger. Do not accept any item from strangers or carry any package with unknown contents. Be wary of people asking for directions or handing out fliers. 

  7. In general if you are not familiar with your destination (or even airport) you should arrange a pickup by the hotel /guesthouse or with a recommended transport company.   

  8. You should never ever get into an unofficial taxi. If you are unsure, airport staff will direct you to an approved taxi rank and advise you on appropriate cost and approximate journey times. Sit behind the driver so you can see him, but he cannot see you. Pay the driver upon arriving at your destination and while you are still sitting in the vehicle.


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