7 Tips to Improve Your Golf Handicap

Tired of taking longer than your golf buddies or, worse again, your boss to get around the course? Slowing them up?

Maybe it is time to improve your golf handicap.

Not only will you feel more confident on the course, with better results when you get to the clubhouse, improving your game will give your physical health and wellbeing a boost too.

1. Take some lessons

You may have had golf lessons when you started or maybe you have never had one in your life, either way, it is easy to pick up bad habits on the course that are preventing you from progressing. If you are a member of a club, ask about lessons. If not, most courses have a professional who coaches players of all abilities. Use lessons to find a swing that works for you. Some of the advice may surprise you or feel unnatural in the beginning but with practice you should see an improvement in your game.

2. Practice to improve your golf handicap

Like anything we learn, from geometry to the piano, we are only as good as the practice we put in. Golf is no different. Spend time at the driving range perfecting the techniques you have learned in your lessons. Top tip: don’t forget your short game, spend 30% of your practice time on the putting green. It doesn’t matter if you can get the ball to the green in 2 or 3 shots if it takes you another 4 to putt.

3. Invest in golf equipment

 We don’t mean running out to buy the latest gadget promising to make you a scratch golfer in a month. Although some technical apps and tools can improve your golf, get the basics right first. Ensure you have the best clubs you can afford so you can play at your best.

4. Strengthen your core

Want to get more serious about golf? Consider a Pilates class. Pilates is a series of movements that help strengthen your abdomen and improve flexibility, both crucial to a good golf game and injury prevention. There are Pilates studios around Ireland offering golf specific courses, if you can’t find one local to you, don’t worry a general course will offer similar benefits.

5. Play against yourself

Take the pressure off and play a few rounds by yourself in your home club or one of the many public clubs around the country. It’s a way to trial new techniques in a real-life scenario.

6. Play with better players

Once you get the foundations right, play with that group of friends or your boss again. Will you beat them? Maybe, but maybe not. You will hopefully make it around the course in fewer shots. In time, you should see these improvements translate to your handicap.

7. You do you

There is no doubt following these steps will improve your game, but by how much is difficult to tell. You may get lucky and an adjustment to your stance, swing or short game could make a big difference but usually there are few quick wins when it comes to golf. Incremental change and practice will lead to better results over time. In the end, once you enjoy playing, that’s what matters most.

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