7 Mother’s Day Ideas at Home

This Sunday is a day when we all truly appreciate the tireless (and often thankless) work that the Mammy’s of Ireland do for us on a day to day basis. Here are some great Mother’s Day ideas at home if you want to avoid crowded restaurants and cafés:

1. Breakfast in bed 

An oldie but a goodie, spoil your Mammy this Sunday with a delicious breakfast in bed, in part to make up for all the cold tea and toast she may have had to eat on Mother’s Day when you were a child!

2. Photo albums 

If you have them to hand, why not spend an hour or two perusing through the family albums? Remember the fun times you had with your Mammy growing up or ask about photos of her before she had children. You’d never know what you might find out.

3. Clean the house 

As a token gesture for all the time she spent cleaning up after you, clean your Mum’s house without having to be asked or bribed, chances are she will still appreciate it!

4. Reasons you love her 

Although the average Irish Mammy will be mortified by this, write reasons you love your Mum and put them into a nicely decorated jar for her to read through later. If you are particularly inspired, come up with 365 reasons and she will have one reason a day for the whole year.

5. Lip sync battle

Personalise this popular game by choosing to lip sync to some of your Mother’s favourite songs. Bonus points for dressing up as the performer or the era they are from.

6. Homemade dinner

Make your Mammy something delicious for dinner, there’s so much inspiration online it is easy to get overwhelmed. Try to stick to something tried and tested that you know she likes.

7. Board games night

With our busy lives, often the best presents to our Mother’s is our presence so stick around after dinner, play a favourite board game and make some new memories.

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