5 Valentine’s Day Ideas at Home

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, the pressure is on to do something romantic with or for your partner. Although we are encouraged to spend a fortune on red roses and expensive dinners, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are lots of little things we can do to make our home more romantic this Valentine’s day.

1.  Declutter

OK, so this isn’t very romantic but neither is stepping on your children’s lego in your socks or bare feet. Take a few minutes to gather up toys or general clutter and put it out of sight for the evening.

2.  Clean

Again, not exactly Casanova stuff but you’ll thank us later when your home is clean and smelling good.

3. Mood lighting

There’s nothing that kills the mood more than lighting up every nook and cranny in a room, including the cobweb you missed cleaning earlier. Avoid it with more subtle lighting from:


Turn a lamp on as the primary light in a room. Switch on the lamps with lower lumen or watt output so they don’t feel like interrogation lights!

Fairy lights

An inexpensive way to make your home more romantic this Valentine’s day. Pull the Christmas tree lights down from the attic and trail them over curtain rails and pictures on the wall in the living room or across the bedframe. There is lots of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram if you need ideas.


An oldie but a goodie, candle light is the definition of romance. It’s worth lighting a few on a suitable surface in the room you are spending your time in. Remember flames are a fire hazard so never leave lit candles unattended.

4. Fabrics

Layering fabrics is an easy way to make your home more romantic this Valentine’s day:


Gather cushions and pillows on the couch and bed. As well as making them look much more inviting, they are great for getting comfy watching a film or talking (see date night ideas below).

Layer blankets and throws

We bet your home is filled with blankets and throws that have been picked up or gifted to you over the years. Gather them from wherever they may be hiding and drape them across your bed and couch. The softer they are, the better. They are great if there is a nip in the air and you need to get cosy.

Add a canape

For the ultimate in romance, add a net canapé over your bed to evoke a feeling of being cocooned in your own little tropical world.

5. Turn up the heat

There is nothing that kills the mood more than being too cold. So light a fire or boost the heat to ensure the room is warm and cosy. Of course, you can interpret this one in any way you wish…


Valentine’s day ideas for date night at home

Cook together

Take the pressure off one of you by cooking together, instead of for each other.Choose your favourite meal and rattle those pots and pans. Don’t forget dessert…consider something you can share for added romance.

Write to each other

This could be a love letter or, if that feels like too much, a list of what you love about each other and your life together.

’Get to know you’ questions

Most couples are great at asking these at the beginning of their relationship but as real life kicks in they are often forgotten. Revisit those early days with questions like ‘what is something you want to achieve in life?’, ‘what has been our most memorable date?’ or, if you are brave enough ‘if there was one thing you could change about me, what would it be?’. The internet is a treasure trove of ideas for questions if you need inspiration.


Put on your favourite romantic tunes (extra points if it’s on vinyl) and have a good old fashioned slow dance.

Build a fort

If it feels more like winter than spring out, this is a great way to get cosy, work on something together and have a fun place to hang out at the end. Gather kitchen chairs, pillows, cushions, sheets, blankets and get building. Add battery powered fairy lights, snacks and music for a romantic place to hang out in your sitting room!

Film night 

Watching a film together is a great way to reconnect, choose a film that has meaning for you both, maybe the first film you saw together or one you both love.

These are our suggestions for making your home more romantic, what else would you add to the list?

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