The Most Dangerous Food To Eat While Driving

The growing number of service stations around the country are geared to supply us with a variety of food and drinks. Take-away containers, caps and cups make it easy to transport. But how safe is eating while driving and what are the worst foods to eat while on the road?

Any food that can be spilled, obscures our view or is hot, can be a real distraction for drivers. Recent research from the US shows that eating while driving is almost as dangerous as texting. You wouldn’t dream of using your phone behind the wheel (we hope!) so instead of getting your food to go why not take 10minutes to sit down and enjoy it. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, you will be much, much later if you have an accident because you have been distracted, that is if you arrive at all.

It’s really not worth taking the risk but if you must, here’s a list of food and drinks to definitely avoid while behind the wheel:

5 Dangerous Foods to eat while driving

  1. Tea or Coffee - When it comes to drinks, we know tea and coffee keeps you alert but it can be a real danger if you are drinking it behind the wheel. It’s piping hot and you have to cover your line of vision to drink from the cup. The lack of concentration a spillage or burn could cause mean hot drinks are better enjoyed in the service station than on the road.
  2. Chocolate – An 80c bar of chocolate may well result in a €500 car insurance claim. We’ve all had or found melted chocolate on us after a long drive. Wrapping can be tricky and it’s easy to get distracted while driving.
  3. Fizzy drinks – When opened they can spray all over the place, go up your nose and on your lap. Again not ideal when taking your eyes off the road for a second can cause an accident.
  4. Burgers – You’re best off taking a 10 minute break to enjoy it. That way you’ll avoid a dry cleaning bill to get the ketchup off your shirt.
  5. Hot soup – Definitely one to avoid while behind the wheel. Similar to tea and coffee you are likely to be drinking it from a cup that will obscure your view and a spillage could cause a burn or you to have an accident.

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