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5 Foods To Steer Away From While Driving

Date Published 21.09.2013
Topic Car Insurance

5 Foods To Steer Away From While Driving


Garages are geared to supply it, the caps and cups make it easy to transport and most cars are equipped with a fold away cup holder to support it.


Although we've all heard that coffee keeps drivers alert on the road, it is also considered to be a real danger for drivers for other reasons.

Any food that can be spilled, demands wiping or is hot, can mean a real distraction for drivers. So a burger? A bar? A banana? Whatever you’re choosing to eat at on the road make sure you put safety on your car menu too. Here’s a list of suggestions of food to avoid on the road and keep you safe no matter what time of day it is.


5 Dangerous Foods To Eat On The Road

  1. Coffee - Well as just mentioned, it’s piping hot and dangerous. Spillages means clean-ups, hot coffee means burns, all mean taking your hands off the wheel.
  2. Chocolate – An 80c bar of chocolate may well result in a €500 car insurance claim. We’ve all had or found melted chocolate on us after a long drive. It generally requires some amount of wiping while on the road which is often the cause of accidents.
  3. Fizzy drinks – When opened they can often spray all over the place, go up your nose, in your eyes and on your lap. Again not ideal if taking your eyes off the road for a second can cause an accident.
  4. Burgers – You’re best off taking a 10 minute break to enjoy it. That way you’ll avoid a dry cleaning bill to get the ketchup off your jeans.
  5. Hot soup – At best you could come out of a hot, 'spillagey', soup soaked crisis with a burnt tongue. At worst…it’s the unthinkable.


As well as providing great tips to keep you safe and your car clean, we also provide great value car insurance just in case that cup of coffee was too good to resist! Remember at AIG, we don't charge administration fees when you need to change your policy, so if you need to talk to someone simply phone 1890 27 27 27.

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