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10 Stunning Cities for a Weekend Trip Under 3 Hours from Dublin

Date Published 18.05.2015
Topic Travel Insurance

10 Stunning Cities for a Weekend Trip

Ireland has her fair share of beauty, but it’s nice to put a new stamp or two in your passport and replace your desktop background once in a while.


With scenery-­seekers in mind, AIG has come up with 10 stunning cities that are a short three-­hour flight away.

What’s even better than a stunning view? Peace of mind. Make sure you’re covered with AIG’s always-affordable travel insurance.


1.) Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Beautiful Balearic Beach
Photo Credit: Tommie Hansen

The mellow sister to Mallorca and Ibiza, Menorca’s 216km coastline is among the most gorgeous in the Mediterranean. The turquoise shoreline is filled with gentile landscapes that offer opportunities for both swimmers and hikers.

Don’t forget to pack: Your swimsuit and a good pair of hiking boots.


2.) Brussels to Bruges, Belgium

The Cancals of Brugges
Photo Credit: Matthew Lazzarini

Bruges is a town that looks like it slipped right out of a medieval fairy tale. It’s studded with charming canals and cute cobbled lanes. This is a town where Belgian beer overflows and the enchanting market squares lure both tourists and Belgians alike.

Don’t forget to pack: A copy of Grimm’s Fairy tales to read before you hit the hay.


3.) Costa Brava, Spain

A beautiful and quaint Spanish beach
Photo Credit: Andrea Ciambra

The “rugged coast” of Spain, Costa Brava is one of Spain’s most gorgeous coastlines. This holiday coast is known for modern development in the midst of unspoiled coves, charming seaside towns with world-­‐class restaurants, and breath-­‐taking scenery.

Don’t forget to pack: Your diving certification. Some of Spain’s best diving happens around the Medes Islands nearby.


4.) Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle; a view from below
Photo Credit: valkrye131

Edinburgh is home to a castle, a university, Scotland’s crown jewels and stunning scenery. A city full of nooks and crannies that are teeming with history, Edinburgh rounds out its history with a host of top restaurants and an abundance of classy bars.

Don’t forget to pack: Your travel guidebook. Edinburgh is a great city to explore blindly, but a guidebook will help take your stroll to a whole new level of significance once you understand where you’re stepping.


5.) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague by night
Photo Credit: Miroslav Petrasko

Prague has been a fierce competitor with Paris for most romantic European city for years. At the heart of this stunning city is Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and some of the best beer in Europe. It’s historic centre and colourful baroque buildings are balanced out with trendy shops and sophisticated wine bars.

Don’t forget to pack: A travel partner. Whether it’s your best pal or your lover, Prague is a place that is meant to be shared.


6.) The Algarve, Portugal

Stunning Coastline view
Photo Credit: Luis Ascenso Photography

With over 150 beaches, the coast of the Algarve in southern Portugal is a haven for wave-­seekers. Good waves and views abound from the highly rated Praia da Marinha in Lagoa, to the northern beach Praia de Odeceixe in Odeceixe that’s edged with impressive cliffs and rivers.

Don’t forget to pack: Your surfboard. Praia de Cacela Velha hosts a stream of wildly popular surf schools.


7.) Marseille, France

Marseille south-east; Mont Puget and Calanques in the background.
Photo Credit: marcovdz

France’s oldest city, the history-­steeped port city of Marseille hosts a feast of world cuisines and cultural celebrations. Let Marseille seduce you with her ancient roots, stunning coastal views and 300 days of sunshine per year.

Don’t forget to pack: Your sunnies. Though it might boost your vitamin D intake, all that sun isn’t good for your eyes!


8.) Zurich to Lucerne, Switzerland

The famous Kapellbrücke
Photo Credit: CameliaTWU

A short trek away from Zurich, Lucerne is a cosy city that hosts both a lake and the foot of the mountains. Considered one of the world’s prettiest cities, the Chapel Bridge and Water Tower forms the heart of the city and is the most photographed monument in Switzerland.

Don’t forget to pack: Your hiking boots. Lucerne is situated in the foothills of the Alps, with stunning hikes and views that make the extra trek from Zurich more than worth it.


9.) Copenhagen, Denmark

The Famous Quays of Copenhagen
Photo Credit: John Anes

Copenhagen is where all the cool kids go. Its compact size houses a new universe of up-­and-­coming fashion, design and culinary scenes in its cobbled streets.

Don’t forget to pack: An adventurous palette. With 15 Michelin-­starred restaurants and incredible museums, Copenhagen is a cultural feast.


10.) Reykjavik, Iceland

A geyser erupting in Iceland
Photo Credit: Fred Mancosu

Iceland’s snowy slopes and steamy mineral baths are enough to tempt anyone to come this far North. Reykjavik’s unmatchable beauty is rounded out with its renowned nightclubs and bars in its compact centre.

Don’t forget to pack: Layers. While immense beauty and icy snowscapes make Reykjavik a tempting spot, the city carries a bit of a chill.


AIG makes it easy to travel with security. Cover your trip with AIG’s always-affordable travel insurance. Visualise your trip away better with our infographic guide. 

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