10 of The Best Irish Parenting Blogs in 2020

Family life in Ireland can be a bit of a juggling act. Trying to keep children entertained, cook, and clean, when one or both of you are working is no mean feat! Parenting can also be a bit scary, especially with your first child, there are loads of questions and changes happen fast. What’s normal and how do other people manage? Thankfully you are not alone, there are lots of Irish parents who are blogging about the ups and downs of parenthood.

We’ve created a list of 10 of the best Irish parenting blogs and whether you are a parent of one, or have a brood, there is one or more that are perfect for you to follow:

1. Magic Mum

With an average frequency of two posts a day, Magic Mum is also a very, very busy mum. On this mom blog you’ll find daily articles covering a range of topics such as parenting, body image, baby names and lots more. There is also a forum for parents to chat in and discuss their thoughts. There’s a section dedicated to inspiring mums that highlight issues such post-partum body confidence, starting a business and other interesting topics.

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What it covers: Mental and physical health, parenting news and parenting advice.

2. Wholesome Ireland

Mother of three Catriona combines posts on life as a parent with comprehensive guide to cooking on a budget. Originally motivated to start the parenting blog during the darkest days of the recession the blog has evolved into a fantastic resource for anyone interested in cooking wholesome food for their children without breaking the bank.

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What it covers: Cooking, recipes and growing your own food.

3. Over Heaven’s Hill

Over Heaven’s Hill is an award-winning Irish parenting blog that solely run by Meath mother of two, Geraldine. Geraldine is a writer by profession and publishes frequent articles surrounding lifestyle, parenting, careers, mental health and everything in between. Geraldine was recently included on the list of the Top 100 Most Inspiring Women of Ireland 2019.

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What it covers: The ups and downs of parenting, mental health chats and lifestyle articles.

4. Daddy Poppins

Daddy Poppins is another award-winning Irish Parenting blog that’s run by stay at home dad, Benny Finlay. Benny is a father of two and chose to stay at home to spend more time with his children. Benny’s parenting and blogging styles feature lots of puns, memes and, of course, dad jokes as he shares his personal navigation of raising children. He is extremely relatable for all parents.

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What it covers: Opinion pieces, real-life stories of parenting, dad jokes and more.

5. The Two Darlings

Mother of three Eimear talks about family life but also her own passions for fashion, beauty and creative projects around the home. It’s a great parenting blog to find hacks for your home, ideas for your wardrobe and make-up as well as musings on life as a full-time mother in Ireland.

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What it covers: Parenting, lifestyle, beauty and DIY.

6. Glitter Mama Wishes

Yaz is a mother of four and fully trained beauty specialist, so this is the place to go for recommendations on beauty products and routines that are manageable for busy mums. Glitter Mama covers the full spectrum of beauty, skincare, makeup, hair and nails. In terms of parenting it’s a great place to go for reviews of days out and products for your little ones.

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What it covers: Beauty, lifestyle and parenting.

7. Shinners And The Brood

Mother of three aged 7 and under, Sinéad blogs about life on Ireland’s west coast. Sinéad’s comprehensive blog covers feeding, entertaining and parenting her family as well as her own journey from couch to 5k. Posts are light and funny, with great gif use! Sinéad covers practical topics like, fantastic books for under-fives to a humorous takes on playdates including a ‘letter of recommendation’ for a child.

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What it covers: A true to life account of parenting, feeding and raising children.

8. Tatooed Lady with a Baby

Louise blogs about life with her fiancé and young son Luke in Cork. This is the parenting blog for you if you have a curious child asking lots of awkward questions, changing their minds and having the odd meltdown but generally being a sweetheart. Something lovely that Louise tracks are the things her son loves each month like:

“This month Luke loves:

  • Having his baby cousin Eliot come on a sleep over
  • Going to Fota Gardens with his friends to ride his bike
  • Watching Kung Fu Panda”

Great idea for all of us, we think we will remember everything but as the years roll by we may not.

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What it covers: Parenting, recipes and some beautiful photography around the Munster area.

9. Saucepan Kids

Saucepan Kids is a family and food blog led by mum Debbie. The blog follows Debbie and her family on their campaign to make children more aware of where food comes from and how to cook it in a way that is nutritious and fun. Travel articles are frequent, and Debbie includes helpful tips for travelling with children.

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What it covers: Cooking with children and family travel.

10. Janine's Little World

Janine is a 32-year-old Mum of two from Germany. She moved to Ireland at the age of 19 to work as an Au Pair and two years later met her now fiancé, Dermot. Janine’s blog covers parenting tips, advice for saving money, travel, developments and the occasional giveaway. If you’re looking for family travel recommendations, Janine’s blog is the one for you.

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What it covers: Family life, travel, budgeting, parenting and lifestyle.


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