10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Traveller Should Make

The New Year is a time to look towards the future and while your friends and family may be making resolutions about losing weight or drinking less, make yours much more exciting.

Those who love to travel know that they could mix it up a bit, so use this handy tradition of making promises to yourself for the coming year to your advantage.

1. Travel More

Everyone would love to be able to travel more, so make it a priority this year and sacrifice in other areas so this can happen. It could be through being frugal and spending less money on clothes and other items or simply putting travel above everything else and jetting off whenever you can.

2. Holiday Local

In this day and age of it being so easy to catch a flight to foreign lands, the places on our own doorsteps can become neglected. If you nearly always head off to Europe, discover what’s just down the road, or if you know parts of Southeast Asia better than countries just a few hour’s flight away, explore them on your next trip.

3. Make More Effort with Languages 

While it is easy to say that learning a few words in a foreign language prior to a trip will lead you to be a master of none, you may be surprised as to the possibilities it opens up. A simple hello, excuse me or thank you in the native tongue can lead to wonderful interactions as locals see you are making an effort.

4. Collect Experiences, Not Things

Souvenirs can be so tempting, but all you really need from your travels is memories, so don’t be tempted to bring back that dubious looking bottle of schnapps or yet another magnet for the fridge.

5. Go Somewhere New

New Year’s resolutions are about getting out of a rut and this can be applied to travel as much as anywhere else. It’s very easy to continue to visit places you’ve been to before and love, but think about all those incredible destinations yet to be discovered. Don’t forego those in favour of somewhere comfortable and familiar.

6. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s really good to challenge yourself not just during your working and personal lives, but in your leisure time too. This could be signing up for a charity trek, taking part in an adventure activity or simply climbing that tower and enjoying the views if heights aren’t quite your thing.

7. Learn Something New

Travel is a learning experience, but maximise its potential by engaging in a class while you’re travelling. It could be a cookery lesson in Naples or a traditional sign carving workshop in Penang – whatever takes your fancy, get involved and go home with a new skill.

8. Give Something Back

There are plenty of opportunities to include volunteering in a holiday, whether it is just for one day or a longer period. This is a great way to give something back to the destinations we like to visit and interact with communities on a more personal level.

9. Pack More Lightly 

Nearly every traveller packs more than they need to into their suitcase or rucksack. See if you can streamline your holiday wardrobe just a little in order to avoid putting it in the hold or paying extra fees when you get to the airport.

10. Put The Camera Down

Gadgets are seemingly everywhere and while they can enhance the travel experience, they can also detract from it. Having wonderful photos to peruse at a later date is great, but remember to put the camera down once in a while and just live in the moment – that’s what holidays are all about.


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