Interview with Cahir Doherty, Head of Property & Specialty Lines

As featured in Irish Broker Magazine, November 2021.

Cahir, thank you for talking to Irish Broker, can you tell us about your career to date? 

I joined AIG in 2007 as a Senior Professional Indemnity Underwriter having previously worked in Marsh for seven years specialising in Financial Lines. In 2008, I left AIG to join Hiscox where I was responsible for their book in Ireland across all lines. I then re-joined AIG in 2010 as the Deputy Property & Energy Manager and was later promoted to the role of Property & Energy Manager. I have been in my current role as Head of Property & Specialty Lines since 2016.

What is AIG’s vision for Commercial Property?

Our vision is for AIG to be the preferred & go to market for large corporate clients. We are looking to ensure that the portfolio is balanced against pricing quality, volatility and occupancy mix in order to continue to be a stable Property Insurance partner long into the future.

Irish Broker Interview with Cahir Doherty

Can you tell us about AIG’s Commercial Property capabilities & appetite?

We can provide capacity for most Property occupancies based on standard underwriting information. We can also provide lead and non-lead lines for property clients.

In terms of our appetite, we are considering all occupancies; however, the deployment of our capacity is dependent on:

  • Risk Quality
  • Loss Experience
  • Program Conditions and Pricing
  • Commitment to Risk Management Principles and Acceptable Account Pricing
  • Occupancy Hazard

Are there particular industries where AIG would explore lead lines?

We have a track record of providing lead lines on well-engineered risks with an active risk management philosophy in occupancies such as Financial Institutions, Multinational, Manufacturing, Retail, Hotels, Real Estate, Health & Education and non-lead lines and excess layers for clients in occupancies which have traditionally been viewed as High Hazard. We can also provide 100% fronting options (dependent on underwriting criteria).

Irish Broker Interview with Cahir Doherty

How does AIG differentiate from the rest of the market in terms of Commercial Property Insurance?

We differentiate from the market across multiple elements including:

  • We have the largest multinational network, captive and global fronting capabilities & insights into multiple industries on a global scale.
  • We have an extensive network of AIG Property Risk Engineers worldwide, helping our clients avoid & minimize losses. They also help our clients in terms of identifying potential vulnerabilities.
  • Our broad mix of insured occupancy appetite provides brokers with a greater opportunity to place business. It also enables us to provide risk knowledge across multiple industries compared to a specialty carrier.
  • Our Claims Promise - After coverage for a large property loss is confirmed we advance up to 50% of the agreed Property loss estimate within 7 days.
  • We are continuously developing new products addressing the evolving risk landscape and providing thought leadership expertise on risk mitigation.

Can you tell us a bit more about your team?

We have a fantastic team working hard to ensure our broker partners & clients get the Property coverage they require. There are six members on the team including myself, two Assistant Managers for Property, a Senior Property and Marine Underwriter and two Property Underwriters with accumulative property underwriting experience of over 100 years. We’re here to help so please reach out to your AIG Property or Business Development Contact for more information. 

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