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Globally AIG is one of the largest marine insurers . At AIG, we combine local expertise and knowledge with the quality and responsiveness of our international network, to ensure the protection of our customers’ assets and their business reputation. Our Cargoguard product which is suitable for a wide range of businesses that move their goods domestically or internationally. These could include: manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers. CargoGuard is accessible via our online trading platform, Rapidcover where brokers can receive a quote in minutes as well as bind policies and receive documentation almost instantly. Mid-term adjustments and renewals are also straightforward and can be made in real time.  

CargoGuard - What Does it Cover?

CargoGuard provides flexible ‘All Risks’ cover - as per the Institute Cargo Clauses ‘A’ – on an annual basis, suitable for both domestic and international transits by sea, air and land with optional extensions delivering solutions for a wide variety of business needs.

Protection Against:

  • Failure to deliver
  • Theft
  • Liability for payment of duty
  • General Average losses
  • Mechanical and electrical derangement
  • Returned goods/shipments
  • Consequential and/or financial losses up to €250,000
  • Loss or damage caused by strikes, wars, riots and civil commotions


  • Loading and unloading
  • Transhipment
  • Customs inspections
  • Delays in transit
  • Concealed damage discovered up to 30 days after delivery

Additional Expenses:

  • Discharge expenses – extra internal and external costs incurred sending replacement items
  • Forwarding costs – expenses incurred unloading, storing and forwarding items if stopped during transit
  • Airfreight replacement costs – up to €10,000 for the swift delivery of replacement items by airfreight
  • Container damage – up to €50,000 for the physical loss or damage to containers
  • Debris removal – expenses incurred during the removal and disposal of damaged goods

Additional Optional Covers

Sales Representatives Samples / Engineers Tools and Equipment

  • Includes tools and equipment that are on site and in vehicles
  • Full cover in private dwellings and hotel rooms overnight
  • Samples in transit and while being used for demonstration purposes

Exhibition Risks:

  • 30 days cover
  • Includes installation/dismantling/duration and temporary storage at exhibition site
  • Up to €10,000 cancellation costs

Storage Cover:

  • Covering raw materials, WIP stock and Finished Goods
  • Providing cover for stock stored at secure locations prior to transit
  • Giving customers complete cover for the cargo goods before and during transit


Our experienced claims handlers have expert knowledge of marine insurance, enabling AIG to resolve claims quickly with minimal business disruption. On a daily basis our claims team deals with loss and damage to cargo in transit due to:

  • Packing
  • Loading and unloading
  • Theft
  • Heavy weather
  • Fumigation
  • Non-delivery
  • Wet damage
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Customs damage

The following hypothetical scenarios seek to demonstrate the broad range of protection CargoGuard provides. The examples are illustrative only and not to be relied on to justify coverage in any particular situation.

Loading / Unloading

A manufacturer operates a warehouse where they dispatch goods when ordered. While assembling an order, a forklift driver loses control of his vehicle resulting in delicate electronic equipment being damaged. As the items are considered to have started their transit within the warehouse, CargoGuard responds and reimburses the insured for the damages.

Heavy Weather

An Irish based exporter distributes the majority of their merchandise across the EU. Experienced in cross-channel shipping, the company takes care to ensure their containers are suitably packed for the expected weather conditions. Unfortunately, due to heavy weather the container and its cargo are damaged during the transit. As the sea conditions were outside of those normally experienced at that time of year, CargoGuard covers the damage to the owner’s cargo.


During the importation of high-end electronics, consignments are transferred from an arrival port to the insured’s warehouse by truck. Whilst unloading a shipment and performing an inventory count, the client notices a discrepancy in paperwork and suspects the truck’s driver of theft. As the goods were proven to be in transit when they were stolen, CargoGuard reimburses the client for the value of the items lost.


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