AIG Ireland Launch Cyber and Public Liability on Rapidcover

Rapidcover is AIG’s commercial online broker platform. It is not just a tool for logging new business. It is an “end to end” service portal offering new business quotations through to policy issuance. In the September issue, we committed to launching two new Rapidcover products in early 2018. We are delighted to announce the recent launch of Cyber Liability and Public Liability for Local Clubs, Committees and Associations.

This now brings the total Rapidcover product count to 12 across all our commercial lines of business (liabilities & financial lines, property, commercial combined and corporate A&H). We are not stopping here as new products and enhancements are in progress, so watch this space!

Public Liability for Local Clubs, Committees and Associations

Some of the key product benefits include;

  • Competitive premiums.
  • Short online question set enabling quotation and bind in minutes.
  • Targeting small groups, clubs, associations, committees and professionals requiring public liability cover and employers liability cover (maximum 4 employees/volunteers).
  • Example business activities :
  1. Clubs – Bridge Club, Chess Club.
  2. Committees – Tidy Towns Committee, St Patrick Day Committee (excluding Parade and Festival).
  3. Groups – dance instructors, yoga teaching, arts & crafts teachers.
  4. Professionals – “white collar” trades requiring PL cover (excluding manual work).
  • Offering public liability cover options of €1.3million, €2.6million and €6.5million.
  • Optional €13million employer’s liability cover available.
  • Add any additional parties requiring indemnity at new business or by midterm adjustment.
  • Add cover for any “one-off” events during the period of insurance for an additional premium.

Cyber Liability

Are your clients protected with the new GDPR regulations coming in May? All companies whether they are a Multinational or SME need to understand the implications that this will have on their organisation. Our CyberEdge product offers an end to end risk management solution to help your clients through this process.

Some of the key benefits include;

  • Extensive occupations list with low referral/decline rates.
  • Cover up to €5million available.
  • Immediate cover for businesses with up to €10million turnover.
  • CyberEdge First Response Team - most businesses do not have the capability to diagnose the issue and respond swiftly. Our cyberedge first response service provides emergency access to a legal response advisor and IT specialist that can deliver critical support when your clients need it most.
  • Event Management - includes a range of services to help get a client's business back on track. CyberEdge’s Event Management pays for Legal, IT and PR services as well as credit and ID monitoring to data restoration and breach notification costs.
  • Cyber Extortion Protection - businesses may find themselves the target of cyber criminals who use ransomware to encrypt their data until they purchase a key to unlock it. CyberEdge’s Extortion section covers losses resulting from an extortion threat. This includes ransoms to end an extortion as well as fees incurred from specialist cyber extortion advisors
  • Data Protection & Cyber Liability responds to third-party liability claims arising from a failure in network security. This includes cover for defence costs and liability claims resulting from the breach of confidential information along with cover for defence costs and insurable fines incurred during a regulatory or PCI investigation.
  • Network Interruption - almost all consumer facing businesses now rely heavily on the web for direct sales or customer relationship management, and even traditional industries like manufacturing and transportation require network connectivity to operate efficiently. Network Interruption covers loss of income and mitigation expenses when business operations are interrupted or suspended due to cybersecurity incident.
  • OSP Network Interruption - Outsourced Service Providers (OSPs) provide a range of valuable services to organisations such as web hosting, payment processing, data collection and storage. CyberEdge’s OSP endorsement extends Network Interruption cover to include losses and mitigation costs arising from an OSP security or system failure.

For more information on these new product offerings, please login to Rapidcover page.

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