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Best Family Holiday Destinations Under 3 Hours from Ireland

Flying with children can be trying at the best of times. Attention spans are short - as is the battery life on their i-pad! Here’s a list of five top family holiday destinations less than a 3-hour flight from Dublin:

Travel Destination Tips & Ideas

Checklist: Driving in Europe this Summer

Driving in Europe this summer? Whether your renting or taking your own car you should use this checklist to prepare and avoid local fines.

Travel Policy For Australia and New Zealand

Planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand and wondering what your travel policy or what visa you need? Read our guide and make the most of your trip.

5 Tips for Travelling to South America from Ireland

Planning a trip to South America? In this travel guide we will provide valuable tips & insights to make your adventure more enjoyable and, most importantly, hassle-free.

10 Stunning Cities for a Weekend Trip Under 3 Hours from Dublin

With scenery-seekers in mind, AIG has come up with 10 stunning cities that are a short three-hour flight away. Stunning stops in Ireland’s backyard.

Need A Last Minute Holiday from Ireland?

Find the sun holiday or city break of your dreams this summer. Check out our top 5 holiday planner sites today.

Best Ski Resorts in Europe

Looking for the perfect Ski Resort in Europe? Our comprehensive guide highlights the top destinations for families, beginners, snow enthusiasts, and more. Check it out!

7 Winter Sun Destinations from Ireland

Escape the cold Irish winter with these top 7 winter sun destinations in Europe, easily accessible from Ireland. Explore cultural wonders and bask in the warm sunshine.

8 of The Cheapest City Breaks in Europe

Get more bang for your buck on your next city break. See historical sights, beautiful architecture and sip on a pint for as little as €2.

Looking for a City Break in Europe?

You are planning a city break but do not know where to go? Discover top attractions in Europe and beyond with one of our amazing city break recommendations.

Europe’s Most Unusual Christmas Traditions

We all have Christmas traditions that we wouldn't change for the world. Read AIG's list of Europe's unusual Christmas traditions around Europe.

Tips For Travelling To The US, Canada Or The Caribbean

The US, Canada and Caribbean each offer their own completely amazing and unique characteristics. Read our guide and make the most of your trip.

Stunning Cities for a Weekend Trip Infographic

Get inspired below for ideas on where to jet off to in the new year with our 10 Stunning Cities under three hours from Dublin.


7 Amazing Hikes in European National Parks

Here's a list of all the sources used in our 7 Amazing Hikes in European National Parks Infographic. Explore your best hiking destinations in Europe.

8 Travel Scams Happening Right Now in Europe and How to Avoid Them

Planning a European trip? Our helpful infographic explains 8 of the most common travel scams to help keep you safe on your next trip away.

5 Scenic Hikes in Ireland

Discover 5 scenic hikes in Ireland with suitable options for seasoned hikers and beginners. Don’t forget your camera for those views. 

5 Best Scuba Diving Locations in Europe

You don’t need to get too far to find some great scuba diving locations. Click here to see some of the best dive sports that Europe has to offer.

Hiking El Caminito del Rey

Planning a holiday to southern Spain? Love heights? Then the el Caminito del Rey may be the hike for you. Find out what you need to know before you go.

6 Tips for Travelling to Greece

We’ve put together a guide to help you figure out how to plan for your holiday to Greece, mistakes to avoid, and what to expect when you arrive. 

7 Amazing Hikes in European National Parks

Here's a list of all the sources used in our Amazing Hikes infographic

10 Things to Know Before Going on an African Safari

An African Safari is the holiday of a lifetime but it takes lots of planning. If you are hoping to go see the big 5, find out what you need to know.

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