Have Private Medical Insurance that covers your abroad?

Get cheaper travel insurance if you have Private Medical Insurance.

Did you know you may be able to get cheaper travel insurance with AIG if you have private medical insurance? If you have a plan that covers emergency expenses while you are abroad then you might qualify for a reduced travel insurance premium.


Check you're PMI covers you abroad

You need to check that your private medical insurance covers you for medical treatment in the country/ies you intend travelling to.

Ensure everyone travelling is covered

Don’t forget to check if family members or anyone else you are getting travel insurance for are covered too. 

Tick 'yes' when purchasing your insurance.

When asked if you have private health insurance and tick the box to confirm that you are eligible for a discounted policy. 

What happens if my private medical insurance doesn’t cover all my medical expenses abroad?

Rest assured, if your medical expenses while abroad go above what is covered by your medical insurance AIG MedicareExtra will top up your medical benefit to the limit covered by your AIG policy. You just need to contact us as soon as possible. All the details can be found in our policy documentation. You can find all our Policy Documents here.

So if you have private health insurance that covers medical expenses while you are abroad, save on your travel insurance premium with AIG MedicareExtra today.