What is Car Hire Excess?

When travelling abroad on a holiday or for business, many of us will choose the convenience of a rental car to get us from A to B. And when choosing a car hire company, most of us will shop around and consider things like price, service and availability.

However, one thing that is often overlooked when choosing a rental car is insurance. While it is true that most car hire companies include comprehensive insurance as part of the price, few of us will take the time to read the small print. And although we may feel that we are completely covered in the event of an accident or theft, there is often a hidden charge included in the form or car hire excess.

Essentially, car hire excess is a set amount which the car hire company will not cover if you are unfortunate enough to have to make a claim. This means that if your rental car becomes damaged or stolen you may be left with a nasty bill, even if it was not your fault.

This bill can be reasonably expensive too, with excess normally in the range of €500 to €2,000. And while it is possible to purchase car hire excess direct from the car hire company, this is often expensive and can considerably increase the price of renting a car.

With Car Hire Excess Insurance from AIG, you are fully covered from as little as 14c per day. Our policy even comes with great benefits which are not offered by car hire companies including cover for up to 5 additional drivers and the ability to purchase multi trip insurance if you regularly use rental cars.

Get a quote now to see just how much you could save with AIG.



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