Do I Need Travel Insurance? AIG Travel Survey

Unsure if you need travel insurance? Discover Irish people’s views and see some shocking stats on the most common travel claims in the past 3 years.

AIG Travel Insurance Survey Results

In July 2019 AIG commissioned a survey among 1,000 adults in Ireland about travel insurance. The survey asked questions about people’s views on the necessity of travel insurance, the types of travel claims they made and which holiday mishaps they experienced. One of the most shocking results was that half of Irish adults have experienced lost luggage, cancelled flights or missed flights while travelling while over a quarter of those surveyed admitted to thinking travel insurance was a luxury purchase and expected their health insurance to cover them abroad. 

What’s more alarming is that a quarter of Irish adults said they do not pay attention to the details of their travel policy or extent of their cover. 

Do I Need Travel Insurance?  

With half of Irish adults experiencing a travel mishap it is crucial to not only take out a travel insurance policy, but to fully understand your needs and its limitations. AIG revealed that since January 2018, two separate claims of almost €1 million each for medical expenses experienced by holidaymakers in the USA. In the same period an AIG travel insurance policy holder received close to €30,000 for a trip cancelled due to medical reasons and €6,000 was paid to another whose luggage was lost by an airline. It’s difficult to imagine incurring these costs without the benefit of travel insurance which is much cheaper in comparison.  

Over the last three years AIG has seen pay-outs for travel insurance claims increase by nearly 100% with a higher frequency of claims from Irish holidaymakers travelling to the US. Discover the risks you take by travelling without travel insurance here.

Travel insurance is essential for your peace of mind and safety while venturing abroad. 

Is Travel Insurance The Same as Health Insurance?

Though a quarter of people surveyed expected their health insurance to cover them while abroad, this is simply not the case. While health insurance contains a level of private medical insurance cover, it will not cover the costs involved in getting a policyholder back to Ireland, medical escorts or air ambulances which can cost up to €100,000. The most commonly experienced travel claims such as lost luggage, missed or cancelled flights and delays are not covered by private health insurance either.  

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

AIG’s travel insurance policies will protect your health, belongings and the cost of your trip should anything go wrong before you leave or while you are abroad. There are different types of policies and levels of cover available and it’s important to consider which type best suits your needs and the destination to which you are visiting.

What To Look Out For When Buying Travel Insurance

When you’re buying travel insurance you need to check certain things such as: is the destination you’re visiting is covered, is the duration of your holiday is covered and are the activities you’ll be undertaking are covered? Depending on your situation you may need long stay travel insurance, backpacker insurance, winter sports insurance or golf travel insurance. AIG will be able to give you the best advice when it comes to choosing your travel insurance.

Find out more about what travel insurance covers and which policy you need here.

When Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Ideally travel insurance should be purchased at the same time you book your holiday. You can buy travel insurance at a later date, but it means that any events that occur before you buy your travel insurance will not be covered. 

How Can I Get Travel Insurance?  

Buying travel insurance is quick and easy. You can buy travel insurance online at AIG in a matter of minutes. Get an online travel insurance quote here.


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