7 Travel Tips For Using Public Transport

You have been looking forward to your holiday for months, maybe years. You get to your destination, a bustling city full of colour, contrast and life. There are so many new things to see and do but to get to them you have to navigate public transport. This is where it gets a little scary for most of us. Unfamiliar transport in an unfamiliar city. What to do? We have some travel advice for using public transport in another country:

1.  Do your research

Doing some research before you leave on getting around your destination will make a huge difference. Look into:

  • What transport is close to your accommodation?
  • How much will you need to rely on public transport?
  •  Is it possible to get a card/ticket that will last for your stay? (This can be more affordable and means you don’t have to fumble for change at stations)
  • What journeys will you make most often on your trip? Familiarise yourself with the name of stations and the direction you need to travel to get there.
  • Have maps of undergrounds or metros you may use.

2. Watch out for pick-pockets

Most major cities have problems with crime on or near public transport so you need to be vigilant no matter where you are. Professional pickpockets often work in or near transport hubs so be mindful of personal items when walking in crowds and traveling on buses or trains. Keep them securely on your person and don’t keep anything in back pockets.

3. Watch your bags

An experienced pickpocket can usually pick a tourist out in a crowd. Wear your bag across your body with the opening flap against your stomach so it's impossible to get into. If you're carrying a back pack, wear it in front while walking to or on public transport.

4. Sit close to a map

A great travel tip is to avoid constantly referring to your maps on the train or bus. This only serves to advertise that you're not sure where you're going. Instead, situate yourself so that you can study the route map posted in the carriage.

5.  Avoid empty carriages

Don’t stay in an empty carriage. If you find yourself alone, simply exit one car and enter another at the first available stop. Remember that it's generally the centre cars on the train that get the heaviest traffic and there's greater safety in numbers.

6. Dress appropriately

Don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself with what you wear. Be culturally appropriate and try not to stand out too much. Muted colours and conservative clothing helps you to fade into the crowd and stay out of trouble.

7. Stay behind the line

Last but not least in our travel tips, when waiting on the platform on an underground or metro stand back from the tracks. In most countries there will be a line to mark where you should stand.

Don’t take the risk, ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance should anything happen while you are using public transport abroad. AIG provide a range of single trip, multi trip and extended stay options to help you take the stress out of your holiday. Find the right option for you today.


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