For Times Like These....

Buy Your Home Insurnace Online & Enjoy a 10% Discount*

*Subject to minimum premium. Underwriting criteria applies. Optional extras not included. New customers only.


1) About You:

Fill us in on the basics - your name, email address, and phone. Along with your Eircode, date of birth, and employment status.

2) About Your House:

Show us around your property that you are looking to insure - property type, year built, if it’s mortgaged, have you smoke alarms, does any of the property have a flat roof and do you have a security alarm. The security of a monitored alarm will lead to a cheaper quote.

3) Your Cover:

What your building and your contents value. Make sure you remember to include the full cost of what you are insuring to replace as new and to include any boundary walls and outbuildings like garages, sheds or driveways.

4) Additional Info:

Give us a history lesson on your past policies— if you have ever had to make a claim, and do you require a joint proposer. 

5) Optional Covers:

Add extra protection for your valuables like jewellery and sports or photography equipment. 

6) Policy Start Date:

Let us know when we can start covering you — tell us if you have had previous insurance, if you have ever had to make a claim, if you have a motor policy and is there any additional material information you need to let us know about.  To get the full 30% No Claims discount, you will have to let us know your previous insurer and confirm that you haven't made a claim on your home or contents in the last 3 years.


What's The Secret To A Lower Quote On Home Insurance?

We have a few tips…

1) Purchase your home and auto insurance together. AIG offers fantastic rates on car and travel insurance.  When you double up with car insurance, you can save 30% on your Home Insurance.

2) Disaster-proof as much as possible. It’s impossible to be prepared for everything, but adding extra protection to your roof, windows, and risky areas of your home can reduce your quote, not to mention having properly operating smoke detectors.

3) Homebodies get better benefits. If you’re often away from your home for 28 days at a time, you may see an increase in your quote.

4) Lock it up. Quality locks paired with a burglar alarm can translate to serious savings, not to mention peace of mind.