Are your Contents Covered?

Under the cover of darkness, it comes as no surprise that these longer winter evenings usually see a spike in home burglaries around the country. However, it is never too late to take precautions whether it is adding a new lock to the front door or checking that all your belongings are covered in your home insurance policy. We had a look at some of the statistics surrounding this time of year and put together the infographic below. 

Are your contents covered?

When The Worst Happens, Are Your Contents Covered?

With the increased threat of household burglaries in the advent of winter, AIG is forewarning homeowners to secure your "home-sweet-home", and possessions within it. 

Winter Evenings - a prime time for criminal activity with household break-ins most likely to happen between 5pm - 10pm. 

Top Three Claim Types in Home Burglaries

1. Jewellery 

2. Money

3. Portable electrical devices

Jewellery remains the highest targeted items while televisions and desktop computers are now considered to be high value items. 

And don't forget the HIGH VALUE ITEMS that criminals want to get their hands on: 

  • Antiques / Engagement rings / Jewellery 
  • Gold clubs
  • Bicycles and other content in outbuildings
  • Electrical devices
  • Cash / Savings
  • Total value in excess 

It all adds up!

AIG claims data** reveals €4,970 is the average claim settlement for an Irish household. €324 is the average claim for individual items.

Avoid undervaluing all your belongings, especially when the longer and darker nights during winter makes it easier for criminals to break-in. 

For comprehensive insurance quote for your home and its content, contact us today. 


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