Welcome to the Young & First Time Drivers Hub

Being a new driver at any age is an intriguing time, as you look to boost your confidence to get out on the road. Plus, applying for your first car insurance policy can seem daunting – especially when you see the prices.


That said, we’ve put together a number of tips and guides to help you get your driver’s license, get affordable car insurance, and more!


*These articles are for marketing purposes only and does not constitute advice.

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How to Get Great Value Insurance

Learn about the different types of car insurance and find out how the AIG BoxClever telematics insurance policy could save you money.

Tips for Young and First Time Drivers

Guide to buying first car

Ready to buy your first car? Use our all-encompassing guide to ensure you buy the right car for you with the most security possible.

First time driver insurance

Whether you need learner driver insurance for your own car or insurance for learner drivers on a parents car, we’ve the first time drivers insurance for you.

Telematics car insurance

Earn car insurance discounts & rewards or better your driving with AIG's Telematics insurance. Learn about telematics box & start driving with AIG BoxClever.

Can telematics insurance save your money?

Discover how you can save up to 20% on your car insurance with our telematics insurance policies. We reward safe drivers with extra mileage and discounts.

Tips for Learner Drivers

Tips for driving test

Ready to sit your driving test? Check out our tips for passing and discover the top reasons why people fail. Be prepared with AIG.

Tips for driving theory test

Prepping for your theory test can seem daunting – there’s a lot to cover. Use our helpful guide to prepare for your Driver Theory Test and pass the first time.

Documents you need to get your driving licence

Time to apply for your first full licence or learner permit? Or is it time to renew? Avoid hassle and multiple trips to the NDLS centre with our document checklist.

Tips learners drivers need to know

New to driving? Check out these 10 tips to get you ready for your full test and hopefully pass the first time around. 

Tips for teaching your child to drive

Teaching your child to drive? Check out these 10 tips to get you them ready for the full test and hopefully pass the first time around. 

Parents guide to teenage driving and texting

Whether your son or daughter have their own policy or are on yours, here are some tips to help your teenagers stop texting and become safer drivers.

Young or First-Time Driver? Try AIG BoxClever Telematics Car Insurance

We believe that insurance can be safer, fairer and simpler with the help of telematics technology.