What Is Telematics Car Insurance?

Telematics insurance is car insurance where a telematics device, either a box is fitted to your car or your smartphone using a telematics app, is located within your car. The telematics device then tracks many aspects of your driving and in turn helps you become a better driver as well as offering additional safety and anti-theft features.

How Does It Work?

When you take out a telematics car insurance policy with us, information is collected from your telematics device - the AIG BoxClever telematics box (also called a black box) . The telematics device then sends us your driving data which we analyse to find out how safely you drive.

After you've been driving for some time you can view your telematics data by using your personal login to our ‘Rate My Drive’ portal which you can access through your MyAIG account

AIG BoxClever

With AIG BoxClever, we install a free Telematics Box in your car. This means we can offer you great rates, let you track your driving and earn rewards as well as enjoying additional safety benefits. 

What Inside The AIG BoxClever Telematics Box?

A GPS system

Which tells us where you are in Ireland, what type of road you are on and when you are driving.

An Accelerometer

Which gives us information on any abrupt movements while driving such as heavy braking, sharp turning or even a car accident.

A SIM Card

 Which is needed to send your recorded driving information to us.

Computer Hardware

Which processes your driving data, analyses it and helps send it to us.

What Information Does The Telematics Device Record?


The telematics device collects a range of data about your driving. This data typically contains...


- Your total speed

- How smoothly you accelerate/decelerate

- How sharply you turn

- What time of day you drive

- The length of your journeys

- How often you drive

- Your total mileage


We are committed to keeping your data safe. The data can only be accessed by you, AIG and our specific telematics partners.  AIG takes your privacy very seriously. Please see our privacy statement for more information.

What Do We Use Your Telematics Data For?

We typically use the transmitted data...

○ To rate your driving against our key criteria

○ For real-time accident detection & help if you are in an accident

○ To give more detail on your accident & help the claims process

○ To track your car if it is stolen

○ Give safe driving Bonus Reward KMs each month



How Do I See The Information Recorded By My Box?

Using MyAIG

Using the RateMyDrive with AIG BoxClever, which you can access through your MyAIG account, you can see a summary of your driving information, including summaries of your journeys, distance travelled and your scores for each of our safe driving criteria:



We rate your driving on:

• Smooth driving

• Speed

• Journey durations

• Time of day

• Mobile usage



Fitting The AIG BoxClever Telematics Box

Who fits the AIG BoxClever box?

We'll contact you once you've purchased your policy and organise a visit from our quality team of highly trained mechanics who will fit your telematics box within 14 days of your policy purchase. Don't worry, you are insured during this period.

Will the AIG BoxClever box have any effect on the running of my car?

The telematics box will have no effect on any of your cars systems or electrics and will not affect the performance of your car in any way.

Have A Question About AIG BoxClever?

Our dedicated Car Insurance team are here to help and can guide you through any issues you may have.