Are Electric Cars Cheaper To Insure?

Buying an electric car (ecar) is becoming more and more popular among families in Ireland. Easy to access charge points, grant schemes and increased reliability are making ecars more attractive.

Huge fuel bills could be a thing of the past with the ESB providing a free home charging point where charging your car on overnight rates could be as little as €2. That is not to mention playing your part in reducing emissions.

Why is Ireland a great place to own an electric car?

  • It is a compact island: most towns and cities are accessible within 3 or 4 hours
  • Fuel costs are high
  • Infrastructure for ecars is improving all the time
  • There are grants to help with costs
  • There is a concerted effort by government to move to more sustainable forms of transpor

The good news is, overall insuring an electric car should be cheaper than insuring a standard motor. This is mainly because they are smaller and less powerful than most petrol or diesel cars on the road.

How many electric cars are there in Ireland?

At the moment, ecars account for .4% of car sales every year which is around 500 cars, however there is an expectation within the car industry that increased demand may increase that figure to 1,000 this year. It is likely ecars will become more and more popular in the run up to and after 2020 when Ireland has to meet EU guidelines on energy production.

If you need more information on insuring an electric or standard car, get in touch today, we would be happy to help.



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