Electric Cars Benefits & Trends

Buying an electric car (e-car) is becoming more and more popular among families in Ireland. We all know that driving an electric car is better for the environment, but reduced emissions are just one benefit of driving an electric car, there’s also government grants, no fuel costs, cheap charging and lower tax fees. Read our articles and discover all the benefits associated with eCars.


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Discover what people really think about electric cars & hybrids, their battery lives and their costs through the answers collected in our survey.

Reasons to drive on electric car

Buying an electric car has major benefits: it’s better for the environment, your health and your wallet! Learn about the grants and discounts available.

Are electric cars cheaper to insure?

We find out if e-cars are cheaper to insure and give you a checklist of things to consider when insuring an electric car. 

Automotive trends 2022

The automotive industry is finally re-emerging after a tough time. In this article we outline the top trends affecting the motor industry in 2022. 

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