Safe Driving Practices and Tips

As drivers, we share the road with others who don’t have the protection we do in our cars. So, we have a duty to drive safely when we encounter a vulnerable road user and take responsibility for road safety. At AIG, we know that driving on busy roads may be challenging, for this reason we have created this Safe Driving Hub for you, with defensive driving practices, tips for driving on Irish roads, and more.


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Featured Article:

Child safety in the car

Learn how to give your children the best protection on the busy roads this Easter with AIG’s safety tips. 

Tips for Safe Driving

How to get used to driving a new car

Driving a new car can be exciting yet daunting. Our article provides practical tips on how to get used to a new car, ensuring your journey is smooth, safe, and satisfying.

How to keep your car safe from theft

The darker days of winter make car theft easier for criminals. Find out how to protect your car with our tips today.

Winter driving stay safe on the roads

Winter driving can be challenging for driver and car alike. Don’t miss our top tips for driving safely in wind and rain this winter. 

Minding vulnerable road users

As a driver you have a responsibility to those who share the road with you. We share our driving tips and help you mind vulnerable road users.

[Infographic] Why road safety matters

To help people remain safe behind the wheel, AIG leverages data-driven insights and years of claims experience to understand why road accidents happen.

How to stay awake on the road

Have you ever had driver fatigue? It’s thought to contribute to 1 in 5 road deaths in Ireland. Find out what to do if you are feeling tired behind the wheel. 

Tips for Driving in Ireland

Tips for driving in Ireland

Thinking about taking a road trip this spring? Here are some tips before you leave.

Advanced driving tips from experts

Feel stressed behind the wheel? Check out our advanced driving tips from an expert and see how you can improve.

How to drive on the motorway

Driving on the motorway in Ireland requires adherence to rules for your own safety and the safety of others. Discover our guide to driving on the motorway here.

Tips for driving beside cyclists

There are more cyclists on Irish roads than ever before. Discover our helpful tips for sharing the roads with cyclists and making things safer for all road users.

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

What to do if you're in a car accident

No one plans to be involved in an accident on the road, but it can happen. Our guide takes you through the steps required when you’ve been involved in a car accident. 

Tips to avoid distracted driving

Did you know that distracted driving contributes to hundreds of accidents in Ireland every year? Check out our tips on how to avoid it - they could save your life.

Tips for driving with dogs

Hitting the road with your dog? Follow these tips to ensure your safety and the safety of your four-legged friend while travelling in the car. 

Tips for driving long distances with children

Driving long distances with kids can be tricky. Use our top tips for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Get where you’re going with AIG. 

Parents guide to teenage driving and texting

Whether your son or daughter have their own policy or are on yours, here are some tips to help your teenagers stop texting and become safer drivers.

Annoying things that Irish drivers do

We’ve all seen them, indicating erratically, hogging lanes, occupying yellow box after yellow box – they are Ireland’s most annoying drivers.

Driver driving behaviour infographic

AIG research shows young male drivers twice as likely to speed daily and young female drivers most likely to suffer from road rage! See our Infographic.

Texting while driving

We've put some info together in an infographic as a reminder that even sending or receiving short messages can lead to damage, injury or worse, death.



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