Car Insurance FAQs

Coverage & Benefits

The policyholder and any driver named on the Certificate of Insurance provided that person holds a valid driving licence to drive the vehicle and are not disqualified from holding a driving licence (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy). 

A second car which you own and are the main user of, may be added for a short period. A second policy would need to be created for a second car on a permanent basis. Some restrictions may apply.

The policyholder may drive someone else's private car on a third party only cover basis. If this cover applies it will be noted on your certificate of insurance. This cover does not extend to other drivers or to commercial vehicles. If in doubt, please contact us to confirm cover. Restrictions may apply.

Depending on your policy you may have windscreen cover included free of charge. If included, this will be noted on your schedule of insurance. This provides unlimited cover for the windscreens or windows of your car with an AIG approved repairer. If you choose to use your own repairer, we will cover you up to €225 for replacement.. Your car insurance no-claims bonus will NOT be affected.

If you have cover for breakdown assistance it will be noted in your schedule of insurance. This will cover both roadside assistance and home start. You can find the full details here and in your policy booklet.

Yes, theft is covered as standard under both comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies – please see your policy booklet for terms and exclusions

We will pay you the market value of the vehicle at the time of the accident but not more than the value specified by you to us. please see your policy booklet for terms and exclusions

Yes, these will be covered provided they occur within the terms of your policy. See your policy booklet for full detail.

The cover you can avail of may be specific to the policy you’ve purchased. For a full list of exclusions please refer to your policy documents and booklet. You can also see a generalised summary on your Insurance Product Information Document (IPID).

The first amount of any claim you must pay. We will pay the balance. If you have a valid claim for €1,000 and your policy excess is €300, the insurance will pay out €700 as the excess is payable by you.

Yes, quotes can be attained and purchased within minutes subject to acceptance criteria. Get your quote today here.

We sell insurance on an annual basis. However if you have an existing policy already with AIG, speak with our friendly team to discuss possible temporary extensions to your current cover.

Our telematics car insurance is an efficient and cost effective way to start your driving journey while empowering you to learn and improve. We install a black box device that collects a range of data about your driving. We then analyse the data to find out how safely you drive. See full details here 

To insure a car, AIG requires that you or your spouse/partner are the registered owner of that car. However, if you wish to temporarily drive a garage car while your own car is in for a service, please speak with out team to discuss temporary cover options. 

We offer Annual Motor Insurance policy that covers Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance and AIG BoxClever, our Black Box Insurance.

No Claims Bonus

A no claims bonus is a discount you earn for each year claims free driving on your insurance policy. AIG offer a no claims discount of up to 6 years.  

A no-claims bonus is a discount you can earn to reduce the cost of your car insurance. It is earned by having a claims free year on your policy. Each consecutive year that you are claims free will add an additional discount to your policy. No Claims Bonus reaches its maximum discount when you have 6 or more years consecutive claims free 

An introductory no-claims discount is an amount allowed to reduce your car insurance premium in recognition of the number of years of consecutive claims free driving as a named driver on another person's car insurance policy. 

Your No-claims Bonus remains valid once you continue your motor insurance each year. If you cancel your insurance or your policy lapses at renewal, you have 2 years from the expiry of your last insurance policy to use this bonus. If you leave it longer than 2 years you start again from 0 and build it up each year. 

There are two types of protection that may be available to protect your no claims bonus.

Step back protection applies automatically once you have 3 or more years no claims bonus. In the event of a claim, you will not lose your full bonus, but it will be reduced.

Protected no claims bonus If you pay extra to protect your no-claims bonus once you have 3 years or more no claims bonus, you can have two claims in a three-year period of insurance without affecting your no-claims bonus. This does not protect your premium. 

This can vary, but you will lose your no claim bonus or part of your bonus in the event that you make a claim or if someone makes a claim against you.

The reduction in your NCB will depend on the individual circumstances regarding your policy and each claim.

In certain circumstances it may be possible to reinstate your NCB following the settlement of a claim on your policy. As any reinstatement is based on your policy terms and conditions and the specific facts of your claim, please contact us to discuss what options may be open to you. You should contact your broker if you haven't purchased your insurance directly from AIG.

Accident & Claims

You need to call the 24-hour windscreen helpline on 1800 310 310. You will be asked for your car insurance policy number. 

We understand this can be a stressful time. As such, we've created a simple guide for your to follow which can be found here. We've also outlined some key steps below. You can contact our 24-hour Claims line on 01 - 8720179.


  • You must stop - it is a serious offence not to do so.
  • You must give your name and address ,to anyone involved in the Incident, together with details of your car, the insurance policy number and insurer.
  • Take photographs/videos of the scene including damage and position of vehicle(s). This will assist with establishing liability
  • Record registration numbers of all vehicles involved Name, contact and insurance details which includes policy number of third party driver(s)
  • Name and contact details of witnesses name, contact details and reference numbers of emergency services if attended
  • Damage to vehicle(s) involved and number of passengers in each vehicle
  • If you are unable to notify the gardai the scene of the accident, you must report it to them as soon as possible, and in any case within 24 hours.
  •  You must show your Certificate of Motor Insurance to the gardai if they request to see it
  • Contact AIG Claims Department 01 8599700 to report the accident, even if you’re not planning to make a claim under your own policy.

This depends on several different factors. Contact our claims team who will guide you through the process.

You should report your accident even if you don’t intend to claim under your policy.

If the Car Insurance policyholder has passed away, please accept our deepest sympathies at this time for your loss. Please contact our Customer Care team and we will go through the options available to you. 


Yes, we offer a finance option which requires a 25% deposit at purchase followed by 9 instalments. See full terms and conditions at quote stage.

We understand times can be difficult. Missed payments can be repaid and typically you will be contacted to do so. Please be aware that if missed payments are not paid it can lead to cancellation. Speak with our team and we’ll remain as flexible as possible.

Existing Policy

If you wish to make a change to your car insurance policy, please visit our existing customers page where you can either log in to MyAig or request a change.

Your car insurance policy number will be included on any correspondence you receive from us and can be found in your portal too. It will also be included on the car insurance disc.

You can easily and effortlessly renew your car insurance online via your MyAIG portal. Links will also be included in your renewal pack email. Renewal can also be processed by phone if preferred.

Insurance can be cancelled by providing written request and returning your certificate and disc. Please see your policy booklet for full details. Please note, if you have purchased insurance through a broker, you will need to speak with your broker directly for direction.

MyAIG Portal

If you have a direct or BoxClever policy, you can log into your MyAIG customer portal here. If you haven't logged in before or in quite some time you may be require a password reset which can be done on the login page.

Golf Ireland customers, please use this link.

Any outstanding documents can be uploaded directly on the home page of your MyAIG Customer portal. A list of any outstanding items and link for upload should be visible.

Your MyAIG customer portal gives you 24 hour access to your policy documents, make permanent changes to your policy or renew cover.

There may be an outstanding action required in relation to your policy. Once this is resolved you will be able to make changes again. This should be visible in your portal but if you need further assistance, speak to one of our service team today by phone/webchat.