AIG Virtual Care Program

AIG Virtual Care Program powered by Teladoc Health, is a telemedicine program which gives you access to leading health and wellness professionals — so you can get the care you need when and where you need it. Services include on-demand care for non-emergency health needs and general medicine, second medical opinion, and mental health coaching. 

A unique set of virtual services.

The last few years have brought about a seismic shift in the way we think about, access, and utilise healthcare services. At AIG, we are committed to delivering solutions that anticipate and address the shifting needs and preferences of our clients. With this new offering, our clients will be in the driving seat, to access healthcare and wellness services.

AIG has partnered with Teladoc Health, the largest provider of telemedicine services, so that you can benefit from quick and reassuring support, as well as convenient and easy access to health and mental care in multiple languages, wherever you are in the world.

On-Demand Care

On-demand care for non-emergency health needs and concerns with access to qualified Doctors.

Second Opinion Service

Access to a wide variety of world-renowned specialists who can provide a second opinion about a diagnosis, treatment options, or the need for surgery.

Mental Health Coaching

Safe, secure mental health coaching from qualified and licensed health/wellness professionals.

Multiple Languages

Service available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish.

On-demand care for non-emergency health needs and concerns.

  • Opportunity to consult with a qualified doctors based in Ireland to discuss non-emergency medical concerns and medical care, including assessment, diagnosis and treatment, via call-back.
  • 24/7, 365 secure access to book consultations via personalized  web-portal.
  • Consultation provided via call back from a qualified and licensed doctor within 4 hours in English, Spanish and Portuguese and 6 hours for remaining languages.
  • Working hours: English 24/7, 365 days per year. Other languages, Monday to Friday from 8h to 20h local time. 
  • In case of an emergency please call 999 or 112 to seek immediate aid. For more information click here.

Access to world-renowned specialists for second opinion on diagnosis, treatment options, and need for surgery.

  • A team of international medical experts will review and advise on a wide variety of conditions like: 
    • Heart conditions, heart attacks and strokes
    • Knee, joint, and back pain
    • Different types of cancer and tumours
    • Digestive and stomach issues
    • And any health condition causing concern 
  • A Personal Case Manager, who is a qualified and licensed doctor, will be assigned to each eligible client, to help collect all relevant medical information, analyse medical documents, and assist in formulating the relevant key questions.
  • Your case is then allocated by a clinical committee to a top leading medical expert who will review it and provide answers in the form of a personalized report within 15 business days.  
  • Call-back after request within 1 business day.
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h local time.

Safe, secure mental health coaching available from Monday to Friday.

  • Access to a mental health coach is available to provide support to eligible clients experiencing emotional symptoms like changes in mood, stress, erratic thinking, and anxiety.
  • The team of mental health coaches can guide the eligible client in the right direction and give them a better understanding of their mental health condition, the treatment they may need as well as helping them to navigate the healthcare system.
  • Service requested through web-portal
  • Consultation provided by qualified and licensed health/wellness professionals (psychotherapist, psychologist, coach), who will provide personalized and confidential support and suggest a follow-up session if deemed appropriate
  • Call-back after request within 2 business days
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h local time.