Cancer Care Plan FAQs

This plan stops at the age of 75.

€32,000 on the Standard Cover and €64,000 on the Double Cover

No, €64,000 is the maximum we wish to insure for any one person

Yes, but it needs to be made very clear to them that any cancers that arise directly or indirectly from this cancer will not be covered under the plan. The same applies to any Pre-Existing Condition.

No, both your breasts are considered the one organ and cover ceases for that organ on diagnosis.

No, Benefit will only be paid if we receive a confirmed diagnosis from a consultant not related to the insured and which is supported by independent medical evidence.

No you must be diagnosed by an Irish registered consultant and we must be satisfied as to the independence of this diagnosis.

Yes, as long as your claim has been admitted and cover confirmed you can do what you like with the benefit we pay you. The diagnosis must be made by an Irish registered consultant.

Yes, as long as you can provide valid proof of your claim that satisfies us that you are entitled to these benefits.

There is a 90 days waiting period before you can claim. If you are diagnosed in this time there is no cover under the policy for that cancer. Your policy will also be cancelled and all premiums returned. Also if you get medical advice, have symptoms or tests, or receive any medication or treatment for cancer within 90 days of your cover starting. 

No. You can still join the plan but you are excluded from making a claim on that particular illness. However we recommend that you do not take it out as invariably there is a link between pre-existing conditions and newly diagnosed ones which mean the policy may not be of benefit to you in certain situations.

No. We do not take hereditary conditions into account, nor do we exclude a person from certain cover due to family history.

Yes, once you give up smoking, you must notify us and be a non smoker for 24 months. We will then adjust your premium.

No, the plan allows for multiple claims to be made. However the plan is based on the diagnosis of primary site, therefore, if a Cancer reoccurs in a person (in a secondary site), they cannot make a further claim in this instance. The maximum amount you can claim under the Standard Cover is €32,000 and under the Double Cover is €64,000.

No, your premium does not increase after making a claim on the plan. You can continue to pay the same premium. The Cancer Care Plan premiums are based on your age and whether you are a smoker or non smoker. Your premium does increase with age.

Because it is a statistical fact that as age increases so, too does the risk of cancer. To reflect this we increase premiums in brackets of 5 years.

No you do not need to do anything and we will write to you giving you advanced notice.

You should write or call to AIG Claims Department giving them full details of your claim. They will send you out all the necessary documentation and tell you what you need to do to have your claim processed.

You can cancel anytime by writing to the Customer Service Department at AIG.

Any medical condition (whether diagnosed or not) for which, before the effective date, you:

  1. Received medication, advice or treatment
  2. Experienced symptoms
  3. Any condition which you were aware of (whether diagnosed or not) at the effective date will be considered to be a pre-existing condition.

Yes, but if you subsequently develop cancer in this organ it would not be covered as it would be considered a pre-existing condition for which you received treatment.

No in the event of such a diagnosis we will only pay the Day Case Benefit.

If it is in the Breast, full benefit applies. If it is in any other organ or location, you just receive the Day Case Benefit.

Yes, but cover ceases if you have lived outside Ireland for more than 180 days in a row.

Cover ceases for that cancer but will continue for all other cancers. Any new cancers must be at a different primary site.

It is the site where the cancerous cells first develop.

No, Benefits are payable to you. In the event of your death it is payable to your estate.

No, all benefits are tax free under current legislation. If you are in any doubt you should get professional advice from a Tax Consultant.

Yes, benefit is paid in addition to any other insurance policies you may have and will not be reduced in any way because you have other cover.

We will pay your claim but reduce the amount of benefit as a % of the total premium you should have paid as a smoker.

There is no payment for tests to see if you have cancer under the plan. It only activates on diagnosis.

It is the site or organ where the original Cancer (Primary Site) spreads to.


No, there are no child benefits available under this policy.