Reasons to consider Lifeline Business Travel and Personal Accident insurance from AIG

Your most valuable assets, protected

It is now common practice for companies to send their employees – their most valuable assets – to work around the globe. No matter which country they find themselves in, it is important that they get rapid assistance for any eventuality which may occur.

Benefits, even without making a claim

Personal Accident and Business Travel Insurance can be purchased together or separately. Benefits for the company and insured individuals that can be used even without a claim.

Cover with benefits

Lifeline Plus group personal accident and travel insurance provides a wide range of cover but it’s simple to buy and delivers the promised benefits effectively. The injury and travel covers can be bought together or separately and a range of valuable services can be accessed through an assistance website.

Enhancing the company’s employment package

The policy limits, and when and where the cover operates, are selectable. And some of the benefits can be used to improve the corporate employment package, like the Medical Second Opinion and MyHealthPortal services.

Who is it for?

Personal Accident Cover

Cash payments if insured employees are killed or lose limbs or eyes or are totally or partially disabled by an accident covered by the policy.

Travel Insurance

12 months multi-trip business travel insurance for all insured employees travelling on company business (including UK trips) – plus cover for directors, their partners and children on personal leisure trips.

Crisis Containment

Helps fund the cost of independent crisis consultants if negative media coverage is likely to affect corporate earnings as a result of an insured event.