Financial Institutions Insurance

Management liability solutions for core financial sector activities

Reasons to consider Financial Institutions insurance from AIG

A sector with unique challenges

In a difficult economic environment, businesses in all sectors face challenges. Many financial institutions face additional pressures generated by increased regulation, robust capital and lending criteria, and a global drive to improve disclosure, increased transparency and enhance shareholder protection.

AIG takes a specialist approach

This is why the specialist liability needs of financial institutions and financial service providers are addressed by our dedicated team. Their brief is to stay abreast or ahead of developing regulation reform so that our products can be constantly revised to provide appropriate insurance cover for emerging areas of risk.

Who is it for?

All financial institutions, including banks, hedge funds, venture capital firms, fund managers, building societies, insurance and investment management companies.

What is covered?

Professional Indemnity Insurance on a Civil Liability basis

Fraud, dishonesty, theft, forgery and third party computer and funds transfer fraud. Risk management advice is available and payment of loss investigation fees. Cover can be extended to include extortion and kidnap and ransom.

Protection for claims brought against directors, officers and senior employees for actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, misstatements, errors or omissions. Entity cover for securities claims is also available.

Protection for employees and the company from the financial consequences of employment practice violations covering damages/awards and legal costs of official investigation

Protection for the trustees, the employees, the employer company and the fund itself against claims brought against them for actual or alleged wrongful acts which have placed the plan’s assets at risk.

Financial protection for Investment Management Companies, Investment Funds and Investment Trusts against civil liability, directors and officers liability claims and fraud

Single purchase liability product protecting Investment Funds from securities actions

Single purchase liability product protecting the company and its directors, officers and employees against securities claims brought in connection with an offering.

Financial protection for Private Equity Managers, Venture Capital Managers, and related investment funds and partnerships against professional service claims, directors and officers liability claims, employment practices liability claims and outside directorship liability claims